Crop Salon


Designed by Device Creative Collaborative | Country: United States

“Crop cultivates the unique beauty of its clients in cutting edge style. Laser-etched letterpress business cards reference the salon’s repurposed walnut interior – sourced from the rugged mountains of Asheville, NC.”



Designed by MM | Country: United States

“Inspired by the city of San Francisco and its diverse culture, The Battery is a private establishment aimed at the nurture and embrace of forward-thinking minds in the arts, technology and other thriving industries and passions. Michael & Xochi Birch came to MM for us to provide a solid brand foundation & become the firm to craft the story from the ground up. After a deep research phase and diving into the rich history of the building, we began slowly unpeeling the layers that would assist us in visually telling the narrative.”



Designed by Fifty3 | Country: United Kingdom

“We are Fifty3, an ambitious two person studio focused on creating beautiful brand experiences. We are relentless in our pursuit of quality craftsmanship in all that we do, and what better starting point than our own image. We’re environmentally conscious and have shown our credentials in our stationery. We took 100% reclaimed board, duplexed a lighter version against a darker board and foiled both sides in a matt bronze to create a sophisticated but slightly seductive look… Finished off with complimentary additional stationery.”


Designers Anonymous

Designed by Designers Anonymous | Country: United Kingdom

“Our identity reflects our guiding principle:

We’re anonymous because we believe that it’s all about the work…. the idea. It’s not about us. All that matters is the quality of the idea and its effect on our clients’ performance.

Putting this principle into practice, our name is hidden behind a black panel displaying the work on our website, only to be revealed when visitors roll over ‘About’, ‘Contact’ or the ® symbol. On our business cards, a graphic icon printed with heat-sensitive ink hides our name, to be revealed by the warmth of a finger or thumb. These icons include a boxing glove (The creative studio behind impactful branding and communications) a duck (The creative studio behind well targeted branding and communications) and an elephant (The creative studio behind memorable branding and communications). A ‘Stay in touch’ line continues the finger and thumb message.”


Beer Institute

Designed by 3 Advertising | Country: United States

“The Beer Institute is the beer industry’s voice for brewers and importers. We crafted a simple identity package that reflects the product’s natural ingredients.”



Designed by Science™ | Country: South Africa

“Concentrated Brand Solutions: many consider art and science to be polar opposites and any similarities between the two are entirely coincidental. But, in fact they make perfect partners because both depend on observation and synthesis. When they connect our culture is enriched, often in unexpected ways.

The best science requires considerable imagination and creative thinking. A problem must be identified, ideas formulated and a process of experimentation initiated to allow these ideas to be rigorously tested and implemented. In turn, the arts necessitate a high level of skill and dedication to master a method or technique as precise as any found in science.

This is the ethos behind Durban based branding and design studio Science whose own brand identity and visual language was designed to communicate this methodical yet innovative approach. An approach that combines simplicity and ingenuity with precision and inventiveness.”



Designed by Mildred & Duck | Country: Australia

“Identity re-design for one of Australia’s largest home accessories and wholesale wall décor brands. The identity was designed to be neutral, keeping the overall look current and fashionable, ensuring it sits comfortably with the varied product range and styles.”


Michael Barley Photography

Designed by 3 Advertising | Country: United States

“For photographer Michael Barley, we developed a concept where each business card acts as a mini-sleeve for a portfolio sample.”



Designed by Brandcentral | Country: Ireland

“The client had 3 requirements:

1) Clean uncluttered design, that reflected the practice approach to projects
2) High quality paper stock and contrasting materials
3) A flexible solution that would enable them to cost effectively change physical location”


New Image Systems

Designed by Boymeetsgirl Design Studio | Country: Germany

“New Image Creative Web Solutions becomes New Image Systems. The repositioning of the brand as “the coding experts” is a major step forward and nevertheless a return to their original roots. The sophisticated mark – an allegory to an extraordinary solid network – the distinctive console-styled typography, the powerful colors, the linear design system which is derived from the mark, and the use of a very particular kind of paper with a extreme  high opacity decodes the new name into a visual identity that stands out from the masses of IT service providers and manifests the ambition to create remarkable software and system-solutions.”


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