Designed by Easybanners | Country: United States

“Quality backdrop printing necessitates both vibrant color and high-resolution detail. To ensure that photographs always turn out glare free – no matter how bright the flash –backdrops are printed with a smooth, matte finish. Backdrop design for the Summer Fashion Week gala.”


2014 Year Planner

Designed by Crispin Finn Ltd. | Country: United Kingdom

“The planner is an embossed 2 colour screen print on 120gsm 100% recycled, biodegradable white paper, and measures 70cm x 97cm which comes hand folded in a screen printed brown kraft bag. The grid size is maximised to write notes in and it details British Bank holidays, US holidays, Daylight time saving dates and week numbers. Our new deluxe version comes with 4 sheets of screen printed sticker icons to help organise a variety of occasions.”


Greeting Cards

Designed by Matt Peterson | Country: United States

“Greeting cards designed by Matt Peterson as part of his personal independent work.

The line of cards were inspired by Matt’s love of bold pattern, color and humor. All cards are blank inside and can be used for a variety of occasions (or for no particular occasion at all).”


Tre Kronor Creative

Designed by Jeremy Evans | Country: Sweden

“Graphic profile created for Tre Kronor Creative – an advertising company based in Stockholm, Sweden. Tre Kronor Creative is the advertising department of Tre Kronor Media. The logotype and graphic elements were all modelled off Tre Kronor Media’s existing branding and were worked into a unique version of its own that still has ties to the parent company.”



Designed by Sciencewerk™ | Country: Indonesia

“Stationery design for Prameya based in Indonesia. The materials used are recycled and used craft papers. We also used velvet prints and silkscreen throughout the collateral design.”



Designed by FRVR™ | Country: Czech Republic

“Vrrb Interactive is California based web-developing studio. The founder asked us to design colorful identity with custom logotype. We came up with several concepts from which he chose the one based on logotype which is trying to emphasize the “rrrr” sound in the word by ending the first letter the same way as ‘r’s are. This also adds some extra rythm to the wordmark. Color system is based on existing set of color papers (Pop’Set) since printing white on pre-colored papers allows for much wider color variety of applications for low price than printing each and every spot color.”



Designed by UnsworthShepherd | Country: New Zealand

“Craft had a night of passion with comms and gave birth to us.

Business cards lovingly screen printed onto 700gsm Notturno uncoated black board. So thick and lovely to touch we guarantee first pick from any business cards in a bowl competition.”


Newwork Calendar 2013

Designed by Studio Newwork | Country: United States

“We are happy to announce Newwork Calendar 2013 is now available! By composing dates as music notes, simply hoping it would give you a little smile in 2013. For the upcoming 2013, we chose green as a key color. 50 pieces for Green ink and 50 pieces for Black ink are available.”


2013 Robot Calendar

Designed by 55 Hi’s | Country: United States

“Introducing the 2013 Robot Calendar! A limited edition poster-style calendar featuring 12 original monthly-themed robot characters. Illustrated in collaboration with Justin Mezzell, each calendar is a 16×24, 4-color screenprint that is hand numbered in a limited run of 200.

Each robot character in the calendar is illustrated and inspired by a common theme associated with the month it represents. For example, November is a Robot Turkey for Thanksgiving and also simply because a robot turkey is awesome. Holidays of each month are highlighted with circles and a full annual list is at the bottom for reference.”



Designed by Pedro Paulino | Country: Brazil

“Creating innovative and well designed products, the Decor8 brand was made looking deeply at the objects they sell. Using different type forms to show the variety you can find on-line.

The business card were done in a very thick cardboard called parana, symbolizing not only a piece of paper but a small silkscreened object.”


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