Designed by MM | Country: United States

“Inspired by the city of San Francisco and its diverse culture, The Battery is a private establishment aimed at the nurture and embrace of forward-thinking minds in the arts, technology and other thriving industries and passions. Michael & Xochi Birch came to MM for us to provide a solid brand foundation & become the firm to craft the story from the ground up. After a deep research phase and diving into the rich history of the building, we began slowly unpeeling the layers that would assist us in visually telling the narrative.”



Designed by Brief | Country: Canada

“Stationery for Brief; A Vancouver based multi-disciplinary graphic design studio founded by Thomas Albrighton and Banafsheh Pourpezeshk. With strong beliefs in less is more and truth to materials Brief chose to make a statement through minimal graphics and vibrant neon coloured paper. Brief’s logo is custom blind embossed throughout all the stationery. Business cards are typeset in LL Circular designed by Laurenz Brunner for Lineto.”


Parkhagen Wedding

Designed by Cecilia Hedin | Country: Sweden

“Wedding collateral for the Parkhagen wedding in Sweden. The theme was strawberries&champagne, and the printed collateral included invites, ceremony program, dinner program, tapestry, and thank-you cards. Printed on digital printer, hand embossed.”



Designed by Trevor Rogers | Country: United States

“ is a company out of Southern California that runs weekly campaigns that donate $7 from every item sold to that week’s charity. With a motto like “People Matter” it seemed almost mandatory to involve people in the process of putting the stationary together. From the sticker to the embossing on the back of the envelope, every step of sending out a letter involves a person. The paper choices and printing methods help to create a connection with the design and allow the recipient to physically engage with the object.

The business cards were letterpressed by the good people at Mama’s Sauce, and the rest of the stationery is put together by whoever sends you a letter or card.”



Designed by Anagrama | Country: Mexico

“Maderista is a carpentry boutique that offers custom made furniture using only the finest wood. With more than 30 years of experience, Maderista approached us with the need to consolidate its brand with a stronger and more sophisticated design, a rebranding that would express it’s proficiency and expertise in a modern and all-embracing way.

The naming for Maderista is a witty made-up word consisting of two parts: madera, or ‘wood’ in Spanish and the suffix ‘ista’, a designation of profession, conviction and character. So the name Maderista, or ‘one who works with wood’, is explicit of the brand’s custom services.”


Ostecx Créative

Designed by Ostecx Créative | Country: Poland

“Our new visual identification stands for contrast and simplicity. That’s why we’ve decided to supplement minimalistic lettering with embossing and fluorescent gradients. “Bonjour” word, which is repeated on every project, is used to emphasize one of the agency’s founders french roots and invite to contact us. Intensive colors symbolize energy of our actions and diffusion between the world of design and advertising in our agency’s offer. All materials was printed on paper Cyclus Offset.”



Designed by Between | Country: Sweden

“Crosby is a new media production company in Stockholm focusing on still photography, film and web orientated productions for advertising agencies in specific. The company was founded in the Spring of 2012 by Photographer Petrus Olsson & C2.

The identity work focused on a very grid-orientated design. We wanted to give Crosby a personal, yet flexible identity which also would be fun to use on a daily basis. A bunch of different templates were designed. They were printed on four different colored papers and every single employee got a perforated sheet of business cards of their own. The grid is present though out the whole stationary. Set to 3 mm it is even a part of the perforation itself when you tear apart the business cards.

Printed in letterpress at Norrbacka Tryckeri in Stockholm using embossing and Pantone Black. Typeface: Linotype Neue Haas Grotesk.”


Websters Interior Designers

Designed by Ponderosa | Country: United Kingdom

“Websters Interior Designers underwent a rebrand and now feature an elegant and refined logo carried across business cards and stationery. Business cards feature the logo printed on the front in 3 spot colours, clear foil and deboss on 350gsm Colorplan Gravure Emboss. The reverse is printed 1 spot colour and on 350gsm uncoated board. The duplex business card also has bronze gilding to the edges.”


Factory North

Designed by Factory North | Country: United States

“Business card design for Factory North. Inspired by the design of industrial forms and printed in Reflex blue, a color that was traditionally used in the hand print making process, to show respect for the history of its usage. The paper weight was chosen to accomplish the double-sided deep letterpress impression.”


Goodman & Gower Wedding Invitation

Designed by Natalie Goodman | Country: Canada

“Our wedding invitation design was inspired by a vintage elk bottle opener we have in our home. We wanted to create a rustic, chic emblem for our wedding “logo” that could be used across all our print materials. The main invite was etched into a white maple wood 5″ x 7″ card.  We letterpress printed on a heavy 140# Holyoke – Bone for both the accommodations card ( 2-colour) and reply card (double-sided: 1-colour & blind deboss), outer envelope was Lettra – Pearl White (1-colour) and the pantones we choose were an uncoated PMS 321 & 185. The blind deboss on the back of the reply cards turned out better than we anticipated, the result was pleasing.  We had some fun with our RSVP postcard reply card and made it a fill-in-the-blanks style, to get people involved in the event. Some of our reply’s where pretty astonishing, specially from the grandparents!”


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