Designed by Perconte | Country: Poland


Bons Rêves

Designed by Jacob Stephens | Country: United States

“Bons Rêves opened it’s doors in the central business district of Lambertville, NJ in October of 2012. The French inspired boutique specializes in luxury decor and housewares for the interior enthusiast. Looking to maintain the soft and luxurious feel found walking through the boutique, these letterpress business cards feel at home among the plush linens and aromatic body care products. Peel off note pads were also designed as a courtesy for customers to take measurements and decorating ideas home to aid in decision making.”



Designed by Isacasi | Country: Spain

“Irene is a lottery office based in Valencia. Founded in 1965, the company has adapted itself over the years to changes and new technologies without losing their essence or enthusiasm of making things right, “like in the beginning” as they use to say. Now it was time to adapt to other changes and to create a strong identity: with the redesign of the brand, they were looking to express their values, to communicate their expertise and their attention to every detail.”



Designed by Fifty3 | Country: United Kingdom

“We are Fifty3, an ambitious two person studio focused on creating beautiful brand experiences. We are relentless in our pursuit of quality craftsmanship in all that we do, and what better starting point than our own image. We’re environmentally conscious and have shown our credentials in our stationery. We took 100% reclaimed board, duplexed a lighter version against a darker board and foiled both sides in a matt bronze to create a sophisticated but slightly seductive look… Finished off with complimentary additional stationery.”


Andriotis G.P.

Designed by Chris Trivizas | Country: Greece

“Andriotis G.P. is a family business that specializes in the trade and processing of olive oil, for the last 55 years. The logo was designed in order reflect the classic and timeless values of the brand name, while at the same time updating the communication image.

The symbol of the logo presents an olive with its pit, and the typography chosen, with serifs and capital letters, expresses the validity and reliability that characterize the Andriotis business.”


Designers Anonymous

Designed by Designers Anonymous | Country: United Kingdom

“Our identity reflects our guiding principle:

We’re anonymous because we believe that it’s all about the work…. the idea. It’s not about us. All that matters is the quality of the idea and its effect on our clients’ performance.

Putting this principle into practice, our name is hidden behind a black panel displaying the work on our website, only to be revealed when visitors roll over ‘About’, ‘Contact’ or the ® symbol. On our business cards, a graphic icon printed with heat-sensitive ink hides our name, to be revealed by the warmth of a finger or thumb. These icons include a boxing glove (The creative studio behind impactful branding and communications) a duck (The creative studio behind well targeted branding and communications) and an elephant (The creative studio behind memorable branding and communications). A ‘Stay in touch’ line continues the finger and thumb message.”


Robot Food

Designed by Robot Food | Country: United Kingdom

“Our identity is what defines us and we wanted a new one that is bold, confident and a little bit grown up. Our business has evolved over the past four and a half years and we are proven and trusted, with a load of successful projects under our belt. The new identity had to suggest this and just as importantly it had to not fight with or compromise the work on our website.

The new icon is derived from a registered trademark symbol, which clearly promotes what we do and the strap-line, “In creative we conquer” leaves no doubt that we are confident in our ability to design for the proposition, redefining categories, every time.” 



Designed by Will Dymoke | Country: United Kingdom

“EnviroCapital raises funds for the installation and running of agricultural anaerobic digesters (a form of renewable energy) I’ve  strived to capture the essence of their services in a simple, clear, effective and intelligent way.

The rings of the green imperfect diamond shapes represent the off cuttings, the waste. The rotation of each of the rings generates movement within the logo creating a feel of pulsating energy. The circular formation of individual parts also explores the idea of community and through allegiances with one and another allows us to form something much larger than they initially could have when standing alone.”


Metonymy Media

Designed by CODO Design | Country: United States

“Metonymy Media’s a copywriting company made up entirely of Creative Writers. Pulling heavily on old publisher marks and a deep respect for Hemingway-esque terseness, everything we designed with them was cleanly understated with an emphasis on materiality.

The bulk of their stationery system is comprised of letterpressed business cards, note cards and diecut quill bookmarks along with cool logo’d wax seals for their envelopes. We also sourced rubber stamps for the staff’s moleskins and coasters for their whiskey.”


Jenifer Bulcock Graphic Design

Designed by Jenifer Bulcock Graphic Design | Country: United States

“New letterpress business cards for my self named graphic design studio. I designed and hand printed these cards myself in a studio in Brooklyn on French Paper Construction White.”


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