Wang & Wong Wedding Invitation

Designed by Michèle Wong Kung Fong | Country: United States

“This letterpressed wedding invitation visually blends the couple’s eastern descent and upbringing with their westernized lifestyle. The design was informed by the proportions of the chinese character 王, which stands for both of their last names (Wang and Wong). While Wang (王) is the pinyin romanization of the Chinese surnames 王, Wong (王) is the Cantonese romanization of that same chinese character. The visual quality and structural proportions of the couple’s chinese last name informed the design of this wedding invitation. A customized typeface was initially created based on the chinese character and later applied to create a typographic pattern (used on the coaster) that captured the sought after eastern-western essence. This pattern inspire a series of pattern that could be applied to other parts of the invitation design system. The pattern on the rsvp card hinted at checkboxes while the ‘words of wisdom’ coaster played off of the graphic representation of ‘hugs and kisses’ (xo) and the invitation and direction cards used and/or deconstructed the chinese character itself. The invitation, direction, rsvp, and thank you cards were letterpresses using metallic grey ink on 110# uncoated Lettra paper and the coasters were letterpressed on #220 uncoated Lettra paper.”


Stella Petkova

Designed by Stella Petkova | Country: Bulgaria

“Blind deboss with golden foil (for the mirrored ligature and edges) on 1,5mm gray cardboard.”

Oak Long Bar + Kitchen

Designed by Korn Design | Country: United States

“This stationery set was designed for Oak Long Bar + Kitchen in the heart of Copley Square in Boston. We developed a visual identity with typography and illustration inspired by European tarot cards and ivy league pledge paddles. The illustrations include intricate filigree patterns with small references to oak leaves and acorns. Special attention was paid to the quality of materials used: we had wax seal stickers produced and utilized matte foil stamping on architectural blotter paper to achieve the textures we wanted throughout the system.”


Promised Land Holdings

Designed by St. Bernadine Mission Communication Inc. | Country: Canada

“Promised Land Holdings is a niche real estate holding company whose sole property is located in Vancouver’s up-and-coming Downtown Eastside. The logo and identity is inspired by both historic letterhead designs, with a strong emphasis on craft, quality materials and simplicity, and the area’s somewhat colourful reputation, as referenced in the barbed-wire motif.”


Bennett & Foskett

Designed by Brogue Studio | Country: United Kingdom

“Bennett & Foskett are a modern property renovation specialist with traditional values and a passion for quality craftsmanship. A new brand helped them build more credibility and launch themselves into the market.

Brogue Studio were approached by the dynamic duo who were in need of something a little special to position themselves in the ever demanding market, with one objective; modern yet traditional, to reflect their own way of working, their individual beliefs and the companies ethos.

Brogue Studio provided B&F everything they needed to move forward in their chosen market sector, from stationary and custom vehicle signage to art direction, promotional material and even a web presence.”




Designed by Salad Creative | Country: United Kingdom

“With an existing business specialising in anti-graffiti and urban maintenance services, this client came to us for ideas to help launch a new ‘wall wrapping’ product that can be applied to almost any surface. From the outset, we wanted to create a name and brand language that was indicative of the product itself together with the environment it was designed to be used in.

After careful consideration and exstensive research (and wrap-based names), it was decided thatWallspace® ticked all the boxes. The name was flexible enough that we could couple the suffix ‘space’ with a variety of key adjectives to describe both the product and the service offering.The isometric grid based logo and pattern allowed us to demonstrate the potentially colourful and versatile nature of the material and gave us the perfect medium through which to communicate brand messages and personality.”


Kettl & Keller Wedding Invitation

Designed by Chase Kettl | Country: Unites States

“I created these using wood and a laser cutter for our wedding we had in August. It was great to be able to create something for our special day!”


Tailor & Baker

Designed by Tailor & Baker | Country: united Kingdom

“We are Tailor & Baker, a design consultancy offering modern design, with a strong focus on traditional values. Simple witty concepts, Typography, Materials, and Process are often defining factors within our work. The name derives from a distant family connection between the 2 founding members of the team and provides visual stimulus for our branding. Our business cards are foil blocked on to 550gsm GF Smith Ebony/White Stock featuring Gun Metal and Gloss Black foils. Each member of the team has business cards featuring either a spoon or needle, depending on their role.”



Designed by This is Ikon | Country: Australia

“David Wills, artist and creator of Turnstile, wanted to develop his identity across stationery elements and a website. His logo plays with positive and negative space suggesting his street based photographic practice. The often playful, nostalgic, and escapist nature of his work is highlighted through flipping his logo, striped pattern, and token shaped business card. The large full bleed images on his website bring attention to the unwanted, insignificant and unloved subject matter of his work.”



Designed by UnsworthShepherd | Country: New Zealand

“Craft had a night of passion with comms and gave birth to us.

Business cards lovingly screen printed onto 700gsm Notturno uncoated black board. So thick and lovely to touch we guarantee first pick from any business cards in a bowl competition.”


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