Darryl Wee

Designed by Foreign Policy Design Group | Country: Singpore

“‘Trans’ is a Latin noun or prefix, meaning ‘across’, or ‘beyond’. Designed for a translator and writer for the arts, these cards reflect the process of the vocation and personality of their owner. Published articles by the writer were taken and turned into handmade paper, imbuing the essence of his craft into his identity. Contact details were then hand-printed onto each individual card using a transfer marker. Just as a translator’s role is that of bridging language boundaries, this process of transference from one medium to another is reiterated in how each card is made. Every card is handmade, and therefore beautifully idiosyncratic.”


Sarah Bürvenich

Designed by Sarah Bürvenich | Country: Germany

New business cards for the graphic designer Sarah Bürvenich.


N. Daniels Vienna

Designed by Bureau Rabensteiner | Country: Austria

“This is the stationery design for N. Daniels, a rep and photo producer in Vienna. It’s simple, cool and thermo sensitive. The black color of the varnish fades at body temperature – as soon as you hold it in your hands you literally produce an image by yourself. It’s a dynamic and living design – the business cards are little polaroids with a constantly changing surface.”


Teacake Design

Designed by Teacake Design | Country: United Kingdom

“These are our rather splendid business cards and letterheads, printed on Factory Yellow Colorplan photographed trendily next to some bits and bobs from around the studio!”


The Department

Designed by The Department | Country: United States

“The Department is a modern studio with a traditional design background, and we believe that good design should be timeless, well crafted, and inspiring across all media. Our new business cards were letter pressed to convey the nature of the studio, and the concern for small details and craftsmanship. The card design is part of growing identity system, which actually began with The Department’s new website.”


Hall & Rose

Designed by Elmwood | Country: United Kingdom

“Hall and Rose are a small, independent company that make soft furnishings by hand. As a growing business, they sought a new identity that would help raise awareness of their brand and set them apart from the competition.

They offer a range of services, from alterations to curtains, so we chose a spool of thread to cover them all. The needle and thread come together to create an iconic mark based on the letter ‘H’, symbolizing Hall & Rose’s name and handcrafted expertise. Simple and iconic, the identity positions Hall and Rose as a boutique company with sophistication and more than a stitch of personality.”


LePetit Antoine

Designed by LePetit Antoine | Country: Spain

“There are several production techniques I used to produce these business cards. One “card” is printed in two color spot. The other “card” is letterpress printed but without ink. And then both cards are sandwiched to orange paper.”


The Propeller Group

Designed by Rice Creative | Country: Vietnam

“The Propeller Group came to us with an extremely interesting challenge. They are an artist collective who ride the line between creating work for the art world & commercial world.

Much of their artwork is video based. Much of their commercial work is producing  other artists video pieces, but the other part of that work could include a music commercial for Coca-cola brand or a music video for a pop singer. After rounds and rounds of head-ache inducing ( in a good way ) discussions. We concluded with them that they  needed to split into 2 entries, hence the 2 logos.

Now The Propeller Group is happily ploughing forward in the art world with shows around the world including one recently at SF Moma, and the New Museum NY. TPG is a clear choice to go to for such artist as Dinh Q Le, or Superflex for collaborating on involved video work.

The dual identities have since been shown at Art fairs as a case study for how other artists can market themselves. The 2 identities have intrinsic similarities in typeface / grid. One we made white, and the other black.”


The Queen of Spades

Designed by Ponderosa | Country: United Kingdom | Printer: Glasgow Press

“The Queen of Spades aka Katie Rushworth is a garden designer and the star of Alan Titchmarsh’s new TV show – Love Your Garden. The Queen of Spades has been transformed into a strong and clear brand reflecting her love of what she does. The outcome was a mix of an elegant logo design, with embossed copper foil,  paired with Cairn uncoated, textured board at 1000mic.”


New Image Systems

Designed by Boymeetsgirl Design Studio | Country: Germany

“New Image Creative Web Solutions becomes New Image Systems. The repositioning of the brand as “the coding experts” is a major step forward and nevertheless a return to their original roots. The sophisticated mark – an allegory to an extraordinary solid network – the distinctive console-styled typography, the powerful colors, the linear design system which is derived from the mark, and the use of a very particular kind of paper with a extreme  high opacity decodes the new name into a visual identity that stands out from the masses of IT service providers and manifests the ambition to create remarkable software and system-solutions.”


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