Designed by Darsha Karpenko | Country: Russia

“Pronto is a chain of Italian restaurants based in Moscow. The logo refers to Roman mythology, Mercury’s winged hat which supports the meaning of restaurant’s name. At the same time, illustrations help to convey the peaceful and prepossessing atmosphere of the place.”


Matthew Hole

Designed by Matthew Hole | Country: United Kingdom

“My personal business cards are printed onto 350gsm bright yellow card with a cut out logo. The logo and holes are a reference to my surname.”


Jeshurun Webb

Designed by Jeshurun Webb | Country: United States

“I wanted my business card to read in a way that would give potential clients a feeling for my design sensibility and tone of writing. This was more easily conveyed

as a paragraph than the standard quick rattling off of contact information. My j/w monogram acts like an initial cap you might find at the beginning of a favorite story. It’s a square format, (3.5 in. x 3.5 in.) printed on 600 gsm cotton Lettra paper by the talented Elana at Spoon&Sailor letterpress in Rhode Island.”


Feb Design

Designed by Feb Design | Country: Portugal

“For our own stationery, we aimed to show the communicative quality of each one of its materials, so the media becomes the message and the central character of this assignment. The tone of the selected sentences reflects the close relationship that we daily nourish towards our customers.”



Designed by Monogram | Country: Australia

“Business Card – The brief was to truly represent Monogram Design through a business card. Monogram is a contemporary graphic design studio in Sydney, Australia who offers bespoke, tailor-made creative and strategic solutions for a variety of clients.

The card design and execution needed to showcase the care and attention to detail/craftsmanship with which Monogram executes their work. The messaging needed to champion the attitude with which Monogram carries out business; that is with a playful sense of humour.

In a world where designers are everywhere, and tactile craftsmanship has taken a back seat, we needed to stand out and wow the public. So far, it has worked. There are two comments that come out of handing out this card. One is, “I’ve never seen anything like this” and the other is, “This is my favourite card of all time!”. We’ve even heard of people re-designing their cards to raise their ante!



Designed by Smel | Country: The Netherlands

‘Les Garçons de Smel’ was inscribed on the envelope that photographer Cornelie Tollens slid across the table to us. ‘Your prints,’ she said. Looking at the large A3+ envelope there on the table, involuntary smiles appeared on our faces.

Tollens’ personal note was the starting point for our new identity.Special and personal contact with our clients is part of our core business, but how do our clients see us? With that question in the back of our heads, we searched for e-mails, notes, envelopes, etcetera. Soon enough, we found lots of unique quotes about Smel.

For the identity, we made a selection of five different texts. The texts range from a signed text by Bono (U2), to a piece of an e-mail from Tom Waits. All texts are related to the work or the people working at Smel. The quotes intrigue and trigger curiosity to the story behind them. The asterisk on the back of some parts of the stationery gives a reference and a brief explanation.


Giovana Breitschaft

Designed by KONG REX | Country: Brazil

“We created these business cards for Giovana Breitschaft who is a portuguese/english teacher. The concept behind the design is that some people are frightened of speaking another language, Giovana will help you get past this fear.”


Lisn Music

Designed by Analogue | Country: United Kingdom

“We decided to create some double bonded cards for Lisn Music with matte foil embossing. We have also just created a very cool mailer: In the age of digital music, Lisn also recently asked us to design and produce something physical that could be posted to potential clients and reflect their cutting edge and forwarding thinking approach to music synchronisation. The end product consisted of a fold out mailer which housed a cd and doubled up as a stylish print.”


Zoe Williams

Designed by Maddison Graphic | Country: United Kingdom

“This stationery designed for writer and journalist Zoe Williams was foil blocked in gloss black on to a mixture of Colorplan and Fenner papers. The ‘Z W’ logo, is constructed from punctuation marks”


X&Y Magazine

Designed by SouthSouthWest | Country: Australia

“There is always an air of excitement when a sharp, new idea is released into the ether. At the time we were briefed on this project, owner and editor Valeria Gosse had little more than a great idea, a cool name and a twitter account.

Sharing her vision, we set about building a flexible identity system that would engage her 18 to 20 something audience, springing to life online, across social media and in print. The online publication, designed and built by Flint Interactive now has crossed over from cheeky start-up, to category leader in a little over twelve months.”


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