Johanna Lenander

Designed by Lundgren Lindqvist | Country: Sweden

Johanna Lenander is a Writer & Editor, living and working in New York City. Johanna is also the author of the book Hair Wars. Working for prestigious clients, such as Style Magazine (New York Times), Elle, Gucci and Karl Lagerfeld, Johanna needed a site that not only displayed her writing skills but also reflected her sense of style. We were approached to design and build the site and to design Johanna Lenanders identity and printed matter.

The site was built so that it would give the visitor a quick overview enabling them to assess the information of interest rapidly. The aesthetic, both of the identity and website, follows the editorial tradition of classic newspapers, but with a modern twist. We used the WordPress CMS as a platform for the site which enables Johanna to easily edit the site and upload new work.

Printing techniques include relief and fluorescent inks and high quality paper stock such as the uncoated Munken Polar 400gsm was used for the stationery.”


Neil Brown Hospitality Group

Designed by CODO Design | Country: United States

“Neal wanted crisp, thick and simple calling cards for his restaurant entrepreneur group. Letterpress ended up being a perfect option and Faulkenberg Printing Co. was able to print 2000 cards on the beefy 220# Lettra stock for an extremely low price.

We initially wanted to run these as a blind impression (no ink) but the type at the bottom of the card was too small and the stock too thick to allow it. We ended up having to add just a touch of Pantone Cool Gray 2 U and they came out great!”


Playground Studio

Designed by Foreign Policy Design Group | Country: Singapore

“A re-branding project for a music laboratory with a philosophy that music is part and parcel of life, even a storm breaks out in notes. Business cards and letterheads using ink stamps and recycled color papers easily obtainable at the local stationery stores. They can be printed on a need basis – a truly sustainable and green effort without exercising the printing press.”


Manic Namecards

Designed by Manic | Country: Singapore

“When we designed our new namecards, we wanted something that would most accurately represent us – confident, understated and a little manic.

We thought the best way to do that would be to simply spell it out. We had some great fun coming up with the copy on the back; and we promise, each line is accurate to each person here.

As for the printing, we’ve always been a fan of tactile things, so we chose Sirio 80 Black 480gsm for its heavy stock and matte black texture. On the front, we foil stamped it in black because we loved the subtle, polished effect it produced. It also created a lovely contrast between the rich black colour of the text and the matte card stock. The white text on the back was silk screened, in keeping with our brand colours of black and white”


Jimmy’s Iced Coffee

Designed by Interabang | Country: United Kingdom

“Jimmy’s mission is to bring proper off-the-shelf iced coffee to the people of the United Kingdom and beyond. Launched in Selfridges and Harvey Nichols then rolled out across the UK’s supermarkets, shops and festivals.”


Personal Branding

Designed by BOND | Country: Finland

“A dignified brand identity with high quality materials and finishes, designed for an international businessman.”


Leesa O’Reilly

Designed by Studio Brave | Country: Australia

“Leesa O’Reilly, a stylist, recently expanded her business beyond photographic styling to include product sourcing and location scouting. Additionally, she has also launched a prop hire arm to her business of which all her unique products acquired over the years can be sourced.

Her brandmark is based on the idea that she is constantly sourcing objects from different places. We chose to produce four different business cards to show the diversity of her work and business.”


Bureau Rabensteiner

Designed by Bureau Rabensteiner | Country: Austria

“Stationery and identity concept for the Innsbruck based Bureau Rabensteiner. We tried to keep it simple and sleek. For a little touch of ‘old school’ we use these traditional wood handle rubber stamps.”



Designed by BOND | Country: Finland

“A growing IT company Aava needed an identity and basic sales tools that stand out. Minimalistic branding that stylishly uses the letters of the logo differentiates Aava from its competitors.”



Designed by The Chase | Country: United Kingdom

“The unusual combination of a ground floor hairdressers and first floor seafood restaurant.”

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