Designed by Hatch | Country: United States



Designed by Pablo Alfieri | Country: Argentina

– 2 papers. 350gsm black paper and 350gsm matte illustration white paper.

– 1 letterpress.

– 9 foil stampings. Matte and brilliant gold, matte and brilliant silver, iridescent silver, black, red, violet, and blue



Designed by October | Country: United Kingdom

Guild is a creative consultancy that assembles, directs and manages tailored creative teams for clients.

The brief was to create a brand reflecting heritage and quality while maintaining a modern aesthetic.


Urban Influence

Designed by Urban Influence | Country: United States


Berg & Berg

Designed by Heydays | Country: Norway

“Founded by Karin and Mathias in 2009, Berg & Berg asked us to develop a full visual identity, including stationery, packaging and web shop. With a strive to create products of the highest quality possible, their goal is that every product will become a trusted friend in your wardrobe: loved, cared for and enjoyed for many years to come. Our work included business cards, hangtags, compliment slip, stickers, web shop and advice on packing the products. The collection was shot by photographer Eirik Slyngstad.”


Dr. Melissa Carr

Designed by Rethink | Country: Canada

“Dr. Melissa Carr practices traditional Chinese medicine. She specializes in treatments using acupuncture, Chinese herbs, nutrition, tui na massage, western herbs and supplements, and lifestyle changes.”

Ed McCulloch

Designed by Eric Kass | Country: United States

“Letterpress and silk-screened stationery with logo patch in a tiny business card sized envelope for photographer Ed McCulloch.”


Brue Wedding Invitation

Designed by Nick Brue | Country: United States

A great example of letterpress for these clean and simple wedding invitations.


Cement Solutions

Designed by Flipp | Country: Canada

“Like any business card design, the intention was to create a card that was memorable, useful and wouldn’t just get thrown away or discarded. It also had to resonate with the target audience and the nature of the business. Cement Solutions is a small business that work to help ensure the environmental clean up of one aspect of the drilling process in the oil field. It’s a tough work place and the concept for the business card really needed to reflect that. After all, who doesn’t want a cold refreshing drink at the end of a day of hard work.”

King Bansah

Designed by Deutsche & Japaner | Country: Germany

King Bansah is an african King. He lives and works in Ludwigshafen/Germany as a car-mechanic and governs his people from there. King Bansah does a lot of activites and performances to collect money for his aid projects. He is a singer, a guest in TV-shows and events. But he is a real King with a serious background.

The new corporate design should underline the authenticity and lordliness of the king because they are essential for him and make his activities possible. A combination of royal and exotic impressions. One example of his engagement is his own royal beerAKOSOMBO. The benefit of the beer is passed on to the aid projects of the King in Ghana.”


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