Designed by Mikey Burton | Country: United States

“Detonator is a new company that collaborates with people who have ideas for ethically minded projects. If you have an idea, send it their way.”



Designed by Foreign Policy Design Group | Country: Singapore

“Wanderlust as the dictionary defines, is a strong innate desire to travel.

The custom made logotype expresses the feeling of dreaminess, fantasy and the discovery of the surreal landscape of a new world. The dash lines evoke the impulse to join the lines, as with the impulse to travel. The act of joining the lines is also analogous with the marking of lines from point to point, like a traveler would do on his map to plan/track his route.

The airmail tricolor band is synonymous with traveling and correspondence – the conveyance of the emotions and thoughts kindled during a journey via mail.

Various forms of ephemerals and keepsakes experienced during a journey were carefully studied, considered and deployed onto the collateral set. Bus ticket for rate cards; air ticket for brochure inserted into an Air-ticket Wallet; notebook aptly named ITINERARY as a multi-purposel room-directory/guide book/journal for the guests, etc.”



Designed by Foreign Policy Design Group | Country: Singapore

“Cocotte is a French restaurant located in the fascinating Little India neighborhood in Singapore. The food is unpretentious home-style french cooking dished out in communal sharing portions. The Cocotte logo takes its inspiration from old-style local French eateries and hand-painted signage. Rough-looking weathered menu boards with newsprint menus to further convey the simplicity, the down-to-earth and unpretentious personality. As a reminder of the good times eating and drinking at this super laid-back establishment, the business card is a wine cork that the guests can take home after enjoying all the good food and wine.”



Designed by Campo | Country: Brazil

Stationery package for Galeria Vermelho, an exhibition space dedicated to Brazilian contemporary art located in Sao Paulo Brazil.


Art Machine

Designed by Julian Hrankov | Country: Germany | Fonts Used: Soho

“The typographic emphasis of my work is reflected by big type set in the style of “font waterfalls”.

For a memorable haptic experience the super soft & slightly rubber-like “Ispira” by Fedrigoni was chosen as paper stock in both black and white, a reference to the classic colors of minimalistic design.”



Designed by Department | Country: Canada

“Brand identity for Flame™ specialists in Montreal, Motor. We used different coloured paper for each piece and blind embossed the logo.”


The Matchbox Studio

Designed by The Matchbox Studio | Country: United States

“The Matchbox Studio is a boutique design studio focusing in Print and Interactive media. We used several specialty printing techniques, which include three florescent inks, one metallic silver ink, custom stamps, and blind embossing, to create our unique stationery.”


Blim Screenprinting

Designed by Rethink | Country: Canada

“Laser die-cut business cards for a screenprinting company.”


The Roof

Designed by Foreign Policy Design Group | Country: Singapore

“The identity of The Roof bar is very much inspired by wheat-paste-glued posters on the streets of old Shanghai back in the days, plus elements from the current architecture of the hotel. The idea of such posters is replicated with the vintage newspaper adhering to recycled wood using a modern version of the wheat-paste-like glue. The use of the wood takes cue from the hotel’s windows and wooden decks of the rooftop – which are wood reused from these 1930s old buildings & warehouses in Shanghai.”

Paper: Newsprint

Non-paper Materials: 5MM Treated Plywood Boards

Special Processes: Aging the wood with sun, bleach, water etc and treating it to maintain that look. Adhering paper to aged wood using wheat-paste-like glue

Aesthetic Movement

Designed by Aesthetic Movement | Country: United States

“The use of physical communication is getting ever more rare, especially in the workplace. Our stationery is a tactile experience intended to inspire the act of writing correspondence and hopefully, to elicit a little bit of joy in those receiving it.”


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