Designed by BÜRO UFHO | Country: Singapore

“Full identity overhaul for Wallas Inc, an integrated communications agency. Wallas wanted something corporate yet elegant to start their business and a simple and effective solution was delivered. Types of work include creating the customised wordmark, corporate guidebook, namecards and letterheads, as well as all other communication devices. The logo on the namecard is printed with mirror foil-blocking on the Pantone 116, 320gsm uncoated stock.”


Montreux Cafe

Designed by BÜRO UHFO | Country: Singapore

“Full identity overhaul developed for Montreux Cafe. Types of work include creating the wordmark, corporate guidebook, namecards, letterheads, packaging, as well as all other communication devices. A similar typeface to their previous logo was used to help bridge the transition of the rebrand, as well as keeping elements like the wheat symbol (as requested by the client), that was used to subtly frame the wordmark. By varying the thickness of the condensed typeface the wordmark is being compacted as much as possible, yet maximising legibility. To improve the image of Montreux Cafe, a much heavier stock, coupled with the copper foil-blocking of the logo, were used.”


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