Playground Studio

Designed by Foreign Policy Design Group | Country: Singapore

“A re-branding project for a music laboratory with a philosophy that music is part and parcel of life, even a storm breaks out in notes. Business cards and letterheads using ink stamps and recycled color papers easily obtainable at the local stationery stores. They can be printed on a need basis – a truly sustainable and green effort without exercising the printing press.”


Personal Branding

Designed by BOND | Country: Finland

“A dignified brand identity with high quality materials and finishes, designed for an international businessman.”


Bureau Rabensteiner

Designed by Bureau Rabensteiner | Country: Austria

“Stationery and identity concept for the Innsbruck based Bureau Rabensteiner. We tried to keep it simple and sleek. For a little touch of ‘old school’ we use these traditional wood handle rubber stamps.”


Adam Hill

Designed by Adam Hill | Country: South Africa

“I had two stamps made. I use any spare card that I have lying around. The most fun I have had making a business card. ‘Print’ on demand…”


Bubbo Tubbo

Designed by by Natasha Mileshina | Country: Russia

“I needed an Identity for my online shop including packaging consistent with my products. Since I offer products with custom calligraphy, I thought that it would be nice to have it in my logo too and wrote; ‘Things by bubbo-tubbo’ in the middle. I was inspired by old stamps and packaging.”



Designed by Heydays | Country: Norway

“A small identity for furniture designers Frøystad+Klock, inspired by scandinavian design traditions and their clever use of materials. A stripped down minimalistic approach is ensured by focusing on details in the wordmark like the plus, Ø and O, and the way they stand together. Twelve photos of different materials were teamed up with colored paper to separate the two designers. This also allows flexibility, each element can be shown a number of ways, within the same strict setup.”



Designed by Heydays | Country: Norway

“Our very own stationery. Only one typeface is used in limited sizes. The shiny chrome is an interpretation of our name — Heydays. The use of cardboard is in contrast to this, it is for function and everyday use. The use of function is further elaborated in the heavy use of custom tape. Print finishing includes blind emboss, mirrorboard, cardboard and silkscreened jewelcases.”


Bao Bei Chinese Brasserie

Designed by Glasfurd & Walker | Country: Canada

“The brief was to create a memorable and distinctive identity and brand design for the restaurant Bao Bei Chinese Brasserie in Vancouver’s Chinatown.

Inspired by old Shanghai, the restaurant and its identity was to feel naturally Chinese – not heavily ‘themed’ and bring together elements of contemporary design with historical nuances that serve to infuse the brand and space with a distinctive persona and atmosphere.

The identity and collateral was to feel diverse and varied with elements that the diners could discover as they interacted with each piece.”



Designed by Mind Design | Country: United Kingdom

“We designed the identity, stationery and a small website for Playlab, a workshop space aimed to be a creative playground for stressed adults. Illustrations use a mixture of scientific elements and random fun images. The stationery is printed in fluorescent Pantone colours while the actual logo is just blind embossed. The address details are filled in using a rubber stamp.”


Student Work – Josh Finklea

Designed by Josh Finklea | Country: United States

“Identity system for a small boutique hotel chain that caters to touring musicians. A rider is a set of hospitality and technical requests a band or performer sets as criteria for a specific performance. Hence, Rider offers hospitality and services exclusively for touring musicians before and after their concerts.”


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