Trofana Aplin

Designed by Bureau Rabensteiner | Country: Austria

“The Trofana Alpin was the very first of what has now become a group of hotels in the winter sports resort Ischgl. The hotel group is family owned and holds the very foundation of the Von der Thannen family history. For that reason this project turned into something personal and very close to our hearts. We redesigned the look and feel of the brand with a focus on their exemplary ability to balance tradition with modern convenience and understated luxury.”


Nancy & Dean Wedding Invitation

Designed by Nancy Lostracco | Country: Australia

“Our wedding invitation design was inspired by our shared love of travel and our destination wedding location (Bali, Indonesia). We wanted to create not only a postcard invitation for the wedding itself but an entire information package for our guests vacation week in Bali. 

The invite and guest package were designed with an eco-rustic-travel theme using recycled uncoated papers, postcards, button envelopes and stamps.”


Circle 21 Candles

Designed by Nudge | Country: United States


Ashford & Ashford

Designed by Ghost | Country: United States

“Ashford & Ashford’s mark holds great symbolic importance to the company as a whole. Two main ideas founded the mark. The first: to create a very structured mark to convey stability, credibility, and legality. The second idea was to use an underlying organic feeling in order to communicate reliability, approachability, and accessibility.

This balance was struck in both the typography and the crest itself. The typeface is structured yet curvilinear. When creating the crest of the mark, we did so in layers. The first layer, the outlining of the crest, is designed to mirror the organic curvature within the typeface. Next was the incorporation of the signature ‘A.’ The ‘A’ is used as a reference to an oil-rig, in relation to the work of Ashford & Ashford. Finally, three curvilinear lines were integrated behind the ‘A’, used to symbolize the layers of the earth. The placing of the diamond in the lower half of the crest was chosen as a reference to minerals.”


Re-robot Studio

Designed by Re-robot Studio | Country: Uruguay

“One of the many re-robot faces, in this case the minimal, rustic and honest one.”



Designed by Between | Country: Sweden

“Crosby is a new media production company in Stockholm focusing on still photography, film and web orientated productions for advertising agencies in specific. The company was founded in the Spring of 2012 by Photographer Petrus Olsson & C2.

The identity work focused on a very grid-orientated design. We wanted to give Crosby a personal, yet flexible identity which also would be fun to use on a daily basis. A bunch of different templates were designed. They were printed on four different colored papers and every single employee got a perforated sheet of business cards of their own. The grid is present though out the whole stationary. Set to 3 mm it is even a part of the perforation itself when you tear apart the business cards.

Printed in letterpress at Norrbacka Tryckeri in Stockholm using embossing and Pantone Black. Typeface: Linotype Neue Haas Grotesk.”


N. Daniels Vienna

Designed by Bureau Rabensteiner | Country: Austria

“This is the stationery design for N. Daniels, a rep and photo producer in Vienna. It’s simple, cool and thermo sensitive. The black color of the varnish fades at body temperature – as soon as you hold it in your hands you literally produce an image by yourself. It’s a dynamic and living design – the business cards are little polaroids with a constantly changing surface.”



Designed by D.Studio | Country: United Kingdom

The Hong Kong Escape Re-enactment Organisation (H.E.R.O.) was formed to commemorate and raise awareness of the great escape of the 2nd MTB Flotilla and VIP party from Hong Kong to freedom in China on Christmas day 1941. This daring escape was led by the legendary one-legged Chinese Admiral, Chan Chak.


Nana Chan

Designed by Gardens&Co. | Country: Hong Kong

“Nana Chan, a self-styled epicurean, commissioned us to create an identity for her self-projects: blog, Youtube channel and tea house in Taipei (Coming soon!). From a Lawyer turned to gourmand and travel junkie, she believes the simpler things in life that matter most. We like it so much and, in fact, it is our belief too. We based on her personality and writing, a pure and quiet visual language was created to convey her message. We take “- – – – -“ to portray the repeating pattern of our living and Nana shares the little surprises to our lives “- n – a – n – a – “. We adapted this system throughout all projects and applications. All photos were taken by Nana.”


Another Shirt Please

Designed by Planet Creative | Country: Sweden



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