Cavalli Stud & Wine Farm

Designed by Studio Botes | Country: South Africa

“Logo and stationery designed for Cavalli Stud & Wine farm. The culture of Cavalli, which is located in the heart of the Stellenbosch winelands, is deeply rooted in a passion for horses. This passion has been made tangible through Cavalli’s identity, which reflects the spirit, grace and power (yet unpredictability) of the animal in every aspect of its manifestation.”


Villainy and Associates

Designed by Villainy and Associates | Country: United States

“We printed letterpress metallic gold for the information and letterpress varnish on the logotype. We like using a varnish on dark stocks for a tone on tone effect. That gives a slightly better legibility than a totally blind, inkless impression. The stock is a thick 200lb Wausau Eclipse Black with metallic gold edge coloring.”



Designed by Lundgren+Lindqvist | Country: Sweden

“About a year ago it struck us that we really needed to rethink our visual identity. We have travelled quite some way since we first started out, soon three years ago. Along the way we have developed both as a company and as individuals and the original identity and Flash-based website suddenly felt like a pair of old, worn out jeans.

Consequently, it was time for something new. As per usual in the design industry, client work is always prioritized over the work you do for yourself. Hence, it took quite some time to develop the new identity and website. Now the last pieces have finally arrived from the printer, ready to share with you.

Our business cards are triplexed GF Smith Colorplan (Cool GreyBright Red and Pristine White) and have negative embossing, foil blocking and UV-varnish. The letter paper is Colorplan Pristine White with negative embossing and the S65 window envelopes are made out of Colorplan Cool Grey.

The promotional poster, which was mailed to selected advertising agencies, clients, design magazines and blogs, to promote the new website, is printed on both sides on MultiArt Silk paper with partial UV-varnish and water-varnish finishing. One side displays the actual website and the other the underlying code, two sides of our business. The intentional typo in the headline (neue instead of new) hints of the use of the Helvetica Neue typeface throughout the identity.”


Art Machine

Designed by Julian Hrankov | Country: Germany | Fonts Used: Soho

“The typographic emphasis of my work is reflected by big type set in the style of “font waterfalls”.

For a memorable haptic experience the super soft & slightly rubber-like “Ispira” by Fedrigoni was chosen as paper stock in both black and white, a reference to the classic colors of minimalistic design.”


Beauty Seen PR

Designed by Design Friendship | Country: United Kingdom

“Identity created for a vibrant boutique PR agencyspecialising in beauty brands.”


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