Designed by Bibliothèque | Country: United Kingdom

“The design solution expresses the Flint ideology of craftsmanship and modernity. Stone-age cutting tools made from Flint (a material found in abundance in the Norfolk area) illustrate this identity for a boutique hair-salon based in Norwich.

The visual language uses devices found in museums dedicated to the display of local artifacts such as vitrines, measuring scales, and captions.”


Perrine’s Wine Shop

Designed by Alvin Diec | Country: United States

Perrine developed a passion for food and wine at a very early age. At 14, she attended a private school focused primarily on the culinary arts and the hospitality business. For four years she extensively traveled throughout France, working in various kitchens eventually deciding to pursue her passion for wine. Upon graduating from the highly regarded Le Castel sommelier school, she moved to London to work as a sommelier in the Michelin 3 star restaurant Le Gavroche. This restaurant has the highest regarded wine cellar in London.

She earned a challenge medal for the best young sommelier in Bordeaux in 2004. Upon arriving in Atlanta in 2006 only speaking French, she learned English and earned a sommelier certification from the Master of Sommelier Institute.”



Designed by Thumbcrumble | Country: United Kingdom

“Thumbcrumbles very own stationery set. Biz cards, postcards and other promotional bits. All in 3 colour print, 2 pantone fluorescents and a nice touch of Black 7. Bespoke sizes with bespoke envelopes to boot. Job done!”


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