Studio Savvy

Designed by Studio Savvy | Country: United States

“As a design firm I knew it was important for us to have business cards that represented a high level of quality, design, and production techniques without being trendy. I stuck with a classic black and white setup, but wanted to add a twist that would make these cards stand out from the pack. The cards were printed on a privately-owned letterpress by a friend of a friend. We used 92# Reich Savoy for the top and bottom layers, and I had him sandwich in a 100# cover sheet of French Paper’s pop-tone in black licorice.”



Designed by Mikey Burton | Country: United States

“Detonator is a new company that collaborates with people who have ideas for ethically minded projects. If you have an idea, send it their way.”


Aesthetic Movement

Designed by Aesthetic Movement | Country: United States

“The use of physical communication is getting ever more rare, especially in the workplace. Our stationery is a tactile experience intended to inspire the act of writing correspondence and hopefully, to elicit a little bit of joy in those receiving it.”



Designed by StruckAxiom | Country: United States

Great work from StruckAxiom for Lush. These packet business cards contain a small handful of grass seeds in each one.


Frank’s Moments & Drinks

Designed by FBDI® | Country: Argentina

“Frank’s is the first speakeasy bar in Buenos Aires. The materials and textures refer to a certain rustic characteristic of the 20′s with aesthetic aspects of the prohibition era.”


Ovi Prunean

Designed by James Prunean | Country: Canada

James’ brother Ovi is a painter who recently felt the need to do a bit of marketing for himself. So James designed this these cards and enlisted the help of Kristin Kotack to letterpress on 220lb cotton paper.



Designed by BAKER | Country: United States

“With creativity being identified as the heart of our brand we wanted to give our culture of creative individuals the opportunity to express themselves within the BAKER identity – and not just the designers. At BAKER, since everyone is part of the creativity that goes on here, we needed to make the identity accessible to, well, everyone. To achieve this we literally gave everyone the tools they needed to showcase their creative selves – a launch kit explaining the parameters and idea behind the ID, a dry erase board to brainstorm on, and a dry erase marker to bring their ideas to life.

The response we got was amazing. Within days we had easily over a hundred variations of marks for the icons portion of our identity. From that point we moved on to the business card portion of our ID. The idea – everyone gets duplexed letterpress cards with their individual custom icon in 4 varying colors on one side and consistent metallic BAKER branding on the back. Thanks to Studio on Fire and their dedication to perfection, the final product was executed flawlessly.

Finally, in executing the rest of our brands various touchpoints we began asking ourselves questions like “how can we make the rest of the BAKER collateral creatively engaging?” One answer we came up with was to demonstrate the things that BAKER tries to “B” everyday in the hope that it would inspire others to B-great in their own way.”


Old Faithful Shop

Designed by PTARMAK | Country: United States

Located in Vancouver, BC. Old Faithful Shop stocks quality goods for simple, everyday living. Drawn to products that are well-made, classic in design and when possible hand-crafted, they feel that the best products are the ones that age well and stand the test of time – items that will exist long after us.



Designed by PlaidLab | Country: United States

“These over sized plaid pattern business cards were designed by our good friend Mark Saunders for his new solo creative venture PlaidLab. They use some great vibrant colors and the overprinting inks make rich and saturated secondary colors.

We letterpress printed them on heavy 220lb Cover Crane Lettra Pearl White. We usually run smaller custom business card orders two cards up on a small press sheet, so it was easy to provide some variety by including two different patterns. The magenta color is the same on both cards, but a color change from orange to blue on one plate gave the cards even more variety. One thing we did to keep the quality of the type crisp and punchy was to print it as a separate pass. By printing the same color in two passes we could run the large graphic plaid with heavy ink density and light ink density on the type. Mark was shooting for something about the size of an iphone, so the final cards were round corner die cut to an over sized 4.5 x 2.25.”


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