Tactic Marketing

Designed by Tactic Marketing | Country: United States

“We set out looking for something substantial and unique. We loved the idea of letterpress on the heavyweight Crane, and we stuck with a single color to offset some of the cost. From the start, we were attached to the idea of everyone having their own unique ‘back,’ and we played around with several different options before arriving at the headshots. The loose halftones worked well—corresponding with the one color theme, and creating a nice texture. And due to the coarse dot pattern, the headshots are somewhat dynamic in their appearance – up close they appear as an abstract pattern, and at a distance they read as a crisp headshot.

Working within the restrictions of letterpress really inspired us to look at things differently, and we couldn’t be happier with the end results.”


A Hundred Monkeys

Designed by Croxton Design | Country: United States

Croxton Design was commissioned  to design business cards for A Hundred Monkeys, a naming and branding firm based in Mill Valley, California. The cards were letterpressed, die cut, perforated and crash numbered.”



Designed by Steven Jockisch | Country: United States

“Bludot is a furniture design and manufacturing company founded by John Christakos, Charles Lazor and Maurice Blanks. Their goal is to “bring good design to as many people as possible” by creating desirable, useful and affordable products.

The main focus of this stationery system is the powder-coated steel business cards in four colors. Many of their products make use of this material, so we felt the stationery should incorporate this aesthetic. The paper pieces are produced with both offset and letterpress printing by Studio on Fire.


F5 Photography

Designed by Ross Clodfelter | Country: United States

“Letterpress business card and screenprinted 9×12 mailer design for F5 Photography. The logo and letterpressed business cards appeared on Communication Arts Exhibit, Feb 2010.”



Designed by Forge | Country: United States

“We wanted a business card that imparted the hands-on nature of our design studio, and that would be impressive but affordable. We really lucked out with some discount clearance stock from a local stationery printer, getting 40 parent sheets of this gorgeous, thick paper for around $30. The letterpress cost us about $150 given that we were supplying stock. The most expensive part was running letter-size sheets of labels offset and having them trimmed to several options. This, of course, doesn’t count the time that we have to spend to customize each card with one of our name labels, but that aspect hopefully communicates some of the hands-on aspects to potential clients.

We have great looking cards that make a really good first impression, and we didn’t spend a fortune. I think the key to that was doing some legwork and looking for deals. Cheap paper here, a good printer contact there, a little handwork ourselves for each card.”

Precision Ink & Stitch

Designed by Kendrick Kidd | Country: United States

“This Michigan based, family owned start-up was looking for a mark that would emphasize their craftsmanship, and attention to detail. I’m really happy they went the extra mile & sprung for the letterpress business cards (printed by the lovely 42pressed). I think the production helped hammer the point home;  they’re serious about what they do.”


Dmitriy & Co.

Designed by Marque | Country: United States

“Dmitriy & Co. is a new textile and furniture design house in New York. With fabrics and designs inspired by their Belgian heritage, Marque were tasked with creating an identity and suite of stationery that represented their aesthetic, heritage and inherent craftsmanship. The bespoke typography and marque, inspired be the weft in textiles is beautifully engraved into papers with an extremely high cotton content and weight.”


Studio Savvy

Designed by Studio Savvy | Country: United States

“As a design firm I knew it was important for us to have business cards that represented a high level of quality, design, and production techniques without being trendy. I stuck with a classic black and white setup, but wanted to add a twist that would make these cards stand out from the pack. The cards were printed on a privately-owned letterpress by a friend of a friend. We used 92# Reich Savoy for the top and bottom layers, and I had him sandwich in a 100# cover sheet of French Paper’s pop-tone in black licorice.”



Designed by Mikey Burton | Country: United States

“Detonator is a new company that collaborates with people who have ideas for ethically minded projects. If you have an idea, send it their way.”


Aesthetic Movement

Designed by Aesthetic Movement | Country: United States

“The use of physical communication is getting ever more rare, especially in the workplace. Our stationery is a tactile experience intended to inspire the act of writing correspondence and hopefully, to elicit a little bit of joy in those receiving it.”


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