A Cowboy’s Dream

Designed Kuro | Country: United States

“Nestled south of the majestic Nevada Sierras, in the curious town of Alamo, lies a desert hideaway so stately, so serene, so picturesque that it can only be described as A Cowboy’s Dream.”


San Grett’s Signature Slices

Designed by Robinsson Cravents | Country: Colombia

“A new pizza brand where I designed the visual identity. My inspiration was the colour of traditional pizzeria ingredients such as cheese, tomato, peppers, salami and also the classic pizza form itself.”


Still Liquor

Designed by Javas Lehn | Country: United States

Business cards designed for Still Liquor, a bar located in Seattle, WA. The cards were letterpress printed on 180# Eska board stock by Evolution Press.


Surgical Aesthetics

Designed by & Smith | Country: United Kingdom

“Surgical Aesthetics is founded upon the skills and values of surgeon Jan Stanek FRCS who has been at the forefront of his profession for a large part of the last 30 years. Building on his experiences across the field he has created a centre of excellence providing considered medical advice.”


Charles Campbell

Designed by Teacake Design | Country: United Kingdom

“Every man needs a tailor and very bespoke tailor needs a bespoke identity to promote their traditional craft to a modern and sophisticated audience. It was our job to do just this and with the help of the very talented illustrator Ilyanna Kerr we created this logo using a traditional serif typeface and traditional line drawing of a master tailor’s most important tool. So far we have produced a set of hand pressed business cards on stunning lilac Colorplan in a robust 540g. Packaging and a full website are underway including carrier bags, shirt boxes and silk tie envelopes for their new showroom.”


Kerr Vernon Graphic Design

Designed by Kerr Vernon Graphic Design | Country: United Kingdom

“These business cards and notepads were letterpress printed onto GF Smith Colorplan cool grey 540gsm board using 4 colour inks and a black.”


DARE Vancouver

Designed by DARE Vancouver | Country: Canada

“In Vancouver, DARE is a merger of a traditional agency and digital shop, so we wanted business cards that also combine old with new.

We created an online tool where employees could upload a picture of themselves, and enter their email, phone numbers and other contact info. An ASCII image of the employee was automatically created using only characters from their own contact information.

We then printed their personalized card designs on a letterpress printer, to further emphasis the idea of traditional processes meeting digital techniques.”



Designed by Analogue | Country: United Kingdom

“Crafted by Leeds based design studio Analogue in their signature pink and grey color combo, the new cards are treble, (yes treble..) bonded Colourplan card, supplied by respected and traditional paper merchants GF Smith and provide a bespoke branding opportunity that can delicately echo a client’s visual identity. Each layer is 250gsm making the over all weight 750gsm, double the thickness of standard cards! They are then block embossed in matt white and gloss back to create a slick contrast to the grey card.”


Mode Design

Designed by Mode Design | Country: United States

“The idea of the card was originally based on restrictions of the more affordable one sided, one color letterpressed card. The rest of the system was built off of that, with small accents of red added throughout the system to mimic the red business card edge.”



Designed by Studio Mercury | Country: United States

“COLAB, a new multi-disciplinary center at Syracuse University, is a collaborative environment for students from all disciplines. Everything from its eclectic space to its experimental presentation style inspires a new direction in higher education.

We created a modular, vintage scientific look using letterpress and hand stamping on all the collateral pieces. From the string-tied envelopes to the paper rescued from the recycle bin, we used every possible way to extend the pedagogy of COLAB.”


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