Jeanne Birth Announcement

Designed by Pauline “Automatique” Barbe | Country: France

French designer Pauline Barbe put together this lovely little birth announcement stationery set to send to family and friends.


Circle 21 Candles

Designed by Nudge | Country: United States


Wang & Wong Wedding Invitation

Designed by Michèle Wong Kung Fong | Country: United States

“This letterpressed wedding invitation visually blends the couple’s eastern descent and upbringing with their westernized lifestyle. The design was informed by the proportions of the chinese character 王, which stands for both of their last names (Wang and Wong). While Wang (王) is the pinyin romanization of the Chinese surnames 王, Wong (王) is the Cantonese romanization of that same chinese character. The visual quality and structural proportions of the couple’s chinese last name informed the design of this wedding invitation. A customized typeface was initially created based on the chinese character and later applied to create a typographic pattern (used on the coaster) that captured the sought after eastern-western essence. This pattern inspire a series of pattern that could be applied to other parts of the invitation design system. The pattern on the rsvp card hinted at checkboxes while the ‘words of wisdom’ coaster played off of the graphic representation of ‘hugs and kisses’ (xo) and the invitation and direction cards used and/or deconstructed the chinese character itself. The invitation, direction, rsvp, and thank you cards were letterpresses using metallic grey ink on 110# uncoated Lettra paper and the coasters were letterpressed on #220 uncoated Lettra paper.”


Michael Barley Photography

Designed by 3 Advertising | Country: United States

“For photographer Michael Barley, we developed a concept where each business card acts as a mini-sleeve for a portfolio sample.”



Designed by Between | Country: Sweden

“Crosby is a new media production company in Stockholm focusing on still photography, film and web orientated productions for advertising agencies in specific. The company was founded in the Spring of 2012 by Photographer Petrus Olsson & C2.

The identity work focused on a very grid-orientated design. We wanted to give Crosby a personal, yet flexible identity which also would be fun to use on a daily basis. A bunch of different templates were designed. They were printed on four different colored papers and every single employee got a perforated sheet of business cards of their own. The grid is present though out the whole stationary. Set to 3 mm it is even a part of the perforation itself when you tear apart the business cards.

Printed in letterpress at Norrbacka Tryckeri in Stockholm using embossing and Pantone Black. Typeface: Linotype Neue Haas Grotesk.”


Factory North

Designed by Factory North | Country: United States

“Business card design for Factory North. Inspired by the design of industrial forms and printed in Reflex blue, a color that was traditionally used in the hand print making process, to show respect for the history of its usage. The paper weight was chosen to accomplish the double-sided deep letterpress impression.”


Sarah Bürvenich

Designed by Sarah Bürvenich | Country: Germany

New business cards for the graphic designer Sarah Bürvenich.


The Department

Designed by The Department | Country: United States

“The Department is a modern studio with a traditional design background, and we believe that good design should be timeless, well crafted, and inspiring across all media. Our new business cards were letter pressed to convey the nature of the studio, and the concern for small details and craftsmanship. The card design is part of growing identity system, which actually began with The Department’s new website.”


LePetit Antoine

Designed by LePetit Antoine | Country: Spain

“There are several production techniques I used to produce these business cards. One “card” is printed in two color spot. The other “card” is letterpress printed but without ink. And then both cards are sandwiched to orange paper.”


Liz & Paul Wedding Invitation

Designed by Andrew Smith | Country: United States

“These wedding invites and RSVP notes were created for Liz & Paul’s special event. Production wise, these were printed on Crane Lettra Flo White 110lb cover stock that was custom duplexed to a 220lb weight after printing. They were printed at the Detroit-based letterpress shop,”


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