Designed by Campo | Country: Brazil

Stationery package for Galeria Vermelho, an exhibition space dedicated to Brazilian contemporary art located in Sao Paulo Brazil.



Designed by Department | Country: Canada

“Brand identity for Flame™ specialists in Montreal, Motor. We used different coloured paper for each piece and blind embossed the logo.”


The Matchbox Studio

Designed by The Matchbox Studio | Country: United States

“The Matchbox Studio is a boutique design studio focusing in Print and Interactive media. We used several specialty printing techniques, which include three florescent inks, one metallic silver ink, custom stamps, and blind embossing, to create our unique stationery.”


Aesthetic Movement

Designed by Aesthetic Movement | Country: United States

“The use of physical communication is getting ever more rare, especially in the workplace. Our stationery is a tactile experience intended to inspire the act of writing correspondence and hopefully, to elicit a little bit of joy in those receiving it.”


Greedy Pup

Designed by Concrete Brand | Country: United States

Bright, whimsical iconography and graphic design embody this new upscale dog toys and bowls brand.

K.O. Gin

Designed by Arlo™ | Country: United States

“Identity System for K.O. Gin. Silkscreened patterns line the inside of the envelopes and the back of the letterhead.”


Norton & Sons

Designed by Moving Brands | Country: United Kingdom

“Norton & Sons stationery, finery, and environment tailored by Moving Brands.

It’s rare to find a company steeped in as much history and tradition as Norton & Sons. Founded in 1821, the Savile Row firm quickly gained a reputation among “rugged and robust gentlemen” for its immaculately cut suits and sporting garments. Winston Churchill and Cary Grant were fans. Lord Carnarvon was wearing Nortons when he discovered Tutankhamun’s tomb, as was Henry Stanley when he found Dr Livingstone.

While Nortons recognised the importance of their heritage, they wanted to continue to engage a modern generation of young customers who also appreciated fine British tailoring.

Moving Brands worked with Nortons new Director Patrick Grant to develop an identity both respectful of the past and in tune with the present.”


Art & Graft

Designed by Collective Approach | Country: United Kingdom

Art & Graft is a creative animation and live-action studio that creates work across promos, commercials, short films and all forms of branded content.


The People’s Supermarket

Designed by Unreal | Country: United Kingdom

“After approaching the Supermarket to design some launch posters, we were tasked with developing the brand, which needed to reflect the co-op’s core values of being communal, affordable and democratic without appearing too virtuous or elitist. A full identity programme was required including logo, stationery suite, advertising, packaging and brand guidelines.

In researching and developing ideas for the branding, we stumbled upon a potential icon that we felt was instantly recognisable, basic, honest and utilitarian. The ‘Euroslot’ is the hole punched at the top of numerous packaged products around the world. This handy little device goes un-noticed in day-to-day life despite being synonymous with retail.

The slot can be easily cut through anything from letterheads to in-store packaging, creating a simple, clever and cost-effective branding device that can be consistently applied across all communications. It has the ability to evolve from a decorative feature on letterheads and business cards through to forming the handle of bags, or a tab device in in-store signage.



Designed by Andfold Studio | Country: United Kingdom

“Stationery and promotional mailer produced as part of our 2010 identity update. The items feature fully embossed detailing on GF Smith Colorplan; a range of Forest Stewardship Council certified papers.

The design highlights our minimalistic approach both in the identity generation and through the choice of specialist printing enhancements. The uppercase logotype was chosen to focus on geometry, using both a two stroke and bold logotype for changes in requirement. The items were sent to existing and prospective clients across the UK.”


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