Crowne Chauffeur Services

Designed by Alan Haverty | Country: Ireland

“I was approached by Crowne Chauffeur Services and asked to re-invent the company’s brand by providing them with a updated, simplified design. The client wanted something that would immediately say ‘luxury’ without being pretentious, something which would help build on their already established reputation. After a period of research into the clientiele they wished to attract, it was clear that Iconography was the way to go. From meeting with the client it was clear that there was a desire relate the brand to the timeless style of the classic Crooners, Dean Martin, Sammy Davis Jr, Sinatra, classic powder blacks, pristine whites and warm gold are used throughout the brand now, which replicate the timeless ‘class’ of that era.

Over a number of weeks I worked with the client to introduce luxurious elements to the brands image. Foil blocking was used for the print work, business cards were created using superior cotton duo plan paper and debossed with the company’s new Iconic logo.”



Designed by Alonglongtime | Country: Hong Kong

“Alonglongtime is a Hong Kong based multi-disciplinary design house. We are dedicated to brand identity, printed matter and packaging for clients from corporate, leisure, retail and art & culture.”



Designed by BOND | Country: Finland

“A growing IT company Aava needed an identity and basic sales tools that stand out. Minimalistic branding that stylishly uses the letters of the logo differentiates Aava from its competitors.”


Mark Zuckerberg

Designed by Ben Barry | Country: United States

“Mark gets a lot of mail thanking him from people with amazing personal stories made possible because of Facebook. We wanted to make something a little more personal and special for him to respond.”


Alone and Unafraid

Designed by 3 Advertising | Country: United States

“Alone and Unafraid is an apparel company founded by two marines. We created business cards that doubled as survival tools. The back of the business card is polished to be used as a signal mirror if needed.”

John Burgess

Designed by John Burgess | Country: United Kingdom

“My personal identity and stationery was designed to be elegantly simple yet considered, stripping out and unnecessary elements and clutter.

Business cards were printed onto 350GSM Colourplan with blind embossing. Disks contain a hi-res interactive PDF of my work.”



Designed by WeAreAllConnect | Country: Canada

“Throughout 2009 we created an identity system and modular promotional booklet for ourselves that is intended to act as a medium for future promotional endeavours. A WordPress theme was also designed to portray future work and host articles written by the partners.”



Designed by Heydays | Country: Norway

“Our very own stationery. Only one typeface is used in limited sizes. The shiny chrome is an interpretation of our name — Heydays. The use of cardboard is in contrast to this, it is for function and everyday use. The use of function is further elaborated in the heavy use of custom tape. Print finishing includes blind emboss, mirrorboard, cardboard and silkscreened jewelcases.”



Designed by Mind Design | Country: United Kingdom

“We designed the identity, stationery and a small website for Playlab, a workshop space aimed to be a creative playground for stressed adults. Illustrations use a mixture of scientific elements and random fun images. The stationery is printed in fluorescent Pantone colours while the actual logo is just blind embossed. The address details are filled in using a rubber stamp.”


Because Studio

Designed by Because Studio | Country: United Kingdom

“The BS identity is intended to be as simple as possible, set in yellow and black with one typeface used throughout it is applied across all the studio output. Stationery is printed onto Fenner Colorset Solar and foiled business cards onto Colorplan, with a handheld interchangeable embosser to apply the BS marque.”


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