Craftor Studio

Designed by Craftor Studio | Country: Greece

“Hand made edge colored business cards printed on 2mm thick cardboard stock.

Our goal was to create a crafty look&feel of the cards in order to relate with the name of our new studio and website launch.”


Re-robot Studio

Designed by Re-robot Studio | Country: Uruguay

“One of the many re-robot faces, in this case the minimal, rustic and honest one.”



Designed by Chris Trivizas | Country: Greece

“The COMECO (Corfu Meat Company) industry is based in Corfu. It deals with the processing and trade of meat. The symbol of the logo is the pig, designed in top view, and refers to the company’s scope of work. The digestive system of the pig can process any kind of food, just as the company processes a wide variety of meats. The symmetrical and geometrical lines of the logo suggest the orderly function and contemporary profile of the industry, while the robust and imposing typography in capital letters expresses validity, consistency and reliability. Lastly, the color of the logo is a direct reference to the color of meat.”


Anthony Wyborny

Designed by Anthony Wyborny  | Country: United States

“New business cards for graphic designer Anthony Wyborny. The cards were designed to reflect both the designer’s personality and aesthetics- constrained and refined on most levels, but with a violent splash of color and liveliness thrown in the mix.”


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