Waldo Trommler Paints

Designed by Reynolds & Reyner | Country: Ukraine

“Objective: In 2011 Reynolds and Reyner finished two huge projects redesigning international brands of paints. After that they were asked to develop a new visual identity for a small Finnish company which was planning to enter the U.S. market. Without the past, unlike the majority of existing brands in the segment, but believing in the future, the key to access the market was a package design. “We don’t just need – we must! stand out” – this phrase has become the basis at work on a new brand identity.”


Anna Swingland

Designed by Adam Townend | Country: United Kingdom

“The brief was to design a stationery set which would promote Anna’s work and the services she offers. Anna’s business prides itself on client relationships and the dedication to her clients had to come through in the work. The business card, printed on greyboard, starts the ongoing conversation between Anna and her clients. The development of the concept led to the inclusion of the ‘book binding courtesy of’ tagline which offsets the identity. This tagline was line applied across the range of other deliverables to reinforce the influence Anna has and the dedication she shows her clients.”


Nana Chan

Designed by Gardens&Co. | Country: Hong Kong

“Nana Chan, a self-styled epicurean, commissioned us to create an identity for her self-projects: blog, Youtube channel and tea house in Taipei (Coming soon!). From a Lawyer turned to gourmand and travel junkie, she believes the simpler things in life that matter most. We like it so much and, in fact, it is our belief too. We based on her personality and writing, a pure and quiet visual language was created to convey her message. We take “- – - – -“ to portray the repeating pattern of our living and Nana shares the little surprises to our lives “- n – a – n – a – “. We adapted this system throughout all projects and applications. All photos were taken by Nana.”


Disperse 2011

Designed by Disperse Team / Arts University College Bournemouth | Country: United Kingdom

“We (the graphic students from the Arts University College Bournemouth) are delighted to tell you that our end of year show is soon approaching and we have just completed our promotional stationery for the show. Our invitations have been designed and made by our design team on campus featuring foil blocking and most notably laser-cut and engraved on the reverse. Our limited edition series of A1 posters are also laser-cut with our logo which was developed from the interactive identity featured on our website.”


Another Shirt Please

Designed by Planet Creative | Country: Sweden




Designed by Monogram | Country: Australia

“Business Card - The brief was to truly represent Monogram Design through a business card. Monogram is a contemporary graphic design studio in Sydney, Australia who offers bespoke, tailor-made creative and strategic solutions for a variety of clients.

The card design and execution needed to showcase the care and attention to detail/craftsmanship with which Monogram executes their work. The messaging needed to champion the attitude with which Monogram carries out business; that is with a playful sense of humour.

In a world where designers are everywhere, and tactile craftsmanship has taken a back seat, we needed to stand out and wow the public. So far, it has worked. There are two comments that come out of handing out this card. One is, “I’ve never seen anything like this” and the other is, “This is my favourite card of all time!”. We’ve even heard of people re-designing their cards to raise their ante!


Zoe Williams

Designed by Maddison Graphic | Country: United Kingdom

“This stationery designed for writer and journalist Zoe Williams was foil blocked in gloss black on to a mixture of Colorplan and Fenner papers. The ‘Z W’ logo, is constructed from punctuation marks”


X&Y Magazine

Designed by SouthSouthWest | Country: Australia

“There is always an air of excitement when a sharp, new idea is released into the ether. At the time we were briefed on this project, owner and editor Valeria Gosse had little more than a great idea, a cool name and a twitter account.

Sharing her vision, we set about building a flexible identity system that would engage her 18 to 20 something audience, springing to life online, across social media and in print. The online publication, designed and built by Flint Interactive now has crossed over from cheeky start-up, to category leader in a little over twelve months.”



Designed by Marque | Country: United States

“Nemaworkshop is a team of architects, designers and thinkers who create spaces which are conceptually innovative and highly sensitive to cultural and social contexts. Marque were asked to produce a bold, crisp identity that was in keeping with the studio’s ethos while being aware of their location in New York’s Lower East Side. The studio’s website reinforces this bold identity and was built using an adaptation of the ‘Cargo’ content management system.”


The Mohawk Show

Designed by The Hungry Workshop | Country: Australia

“The Mohawk Show is one of a few events that sets a standard within the graphic design community. We knew designers would be attending the show to admire and be inspired by the work, and Raleigh wanted us to create something tangible that these attendees could take away with them. They would already be walking away inspired, so how could we support that?

We created a letterpress printed sketchbook, a place to store their ideas. The back cover has a stylised bow, the front has a set of arrows, with the words ‘Aim True’: a simple reminder to stay inspired and to achieve their targets, whatever these targets may be…”

Check out this video documenting the entire process.


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