Pierre’s 70th Birthday

Designed by Zed & Bee | Country Australia

“The French birthday boy this invitation was designed for loves and serves his guests really good Champagne, so he was sure to pull out all the stops at his milestone 70th Birthday.

An elegantly letterpressed invitation was produced to reflect his hospitality, directly referencing a vintage Champagne label.”


Designers Anonymous

Designed by Designers Anonymous | Country: United Kingdom

“Our identity reflects our guiding principle:

We’re anonymous because we believe that it’s all about the work…. the idea. It’s not about us. All that matters is the quality of the idea and its effect on our clients’ performance.

Putting this principle into practice, our name is hidden behind a black panel displaying the work on our website, only to be revealed when visitors roll over ‘About’, ‘Contact’ or the ® symbol. On our business cards, a graphic icon printed with heat-sensitive ink hides our name, to be revealed by the warmth of a finger or thumb. These icons include a boxing glove (The creative studio behind impactful branding and communications) a duck (The creative studio behind well targeted branding and communications) and an elephant (The creative studio behind memorable branding and communications). A ‘Stay in touch’ line continues the finger and thumb message.”


Metonymy Media

Designed by CODO Design | Country: United States

“Metonymy Media’s a copywriting company made up entirely of Creative Writers. Pulling heavily on old publisher marks and a deep respect for Hemingway-esque terseness, everything we designed with them was cleanly understated with an emphasis on materiality.

The bulk of their stationery system is comprised of letterpressed business cards, note cards and diecut quill bookmarks along with cool logo’d wax seals for their envelopes. We also sourced rubber stamps for the staff’s moleskins and coasters for their whiskey.”



Designed by Anagrama | Country: Mexico

“Maderista is a carpentry boutique that offers custom made furniture using only the finest wood. With more than 30 years of experience, Maderista approached us with the need to consolidate its brand with a stronger and more sophisticated design, a rebranding that would express it’s proficiency and expertise in a modern and all-embracing way.

The naming for Maderista is a witty made-up word consisting of two parts: madera, or ‘wood’ in Spanish and the suffix ‘ista’, a designation of profession, conviction and character. So the name Maderista, or ‘one who works with wood’, is explicit of the brand’s custom services.”



Designed by Sciencewerk™ | Country: Indonesia

“Stationery design for Prameya based in Indonesia. The materials used are recycled and used craft papers. We also used velvet prints and silkscreen throughout the collateral design.”


Hawthorne & Wren

Designed by Kevin Cantrell Design | Country: United States

“Hawthorne & Wren specializes in unique and memorable gifts that symbolize expressions of support, healing and comfort. These gifts hold meaning for both the recipient and the giver.”


Nancy & Dean Wedding Invitation

Designed by Nancy Lostracco | Country: Australia

“Our wedding invitation design was inspired by our shared love of travel and our destination wedding location (Bali, Indonesia). We wanted to create not only a postcard invitation for the wedding itself but an entire information package for our guests vacation week in Bali. 

The invite and guest package were designed with an eco-rustic-travel theme using recycled uncoated papers, postcards, button envelopes and stamps.”


Circo de Bakuza

Designed by Circo de Bakuza | Country: Canada/France

“Originating from Montreal, Canada and with an office in Paris, the company’s identity is ‘playful yet serious’. The word Awake reads Dream when turned upside down; the image of a kitten, when manipulated, reveals a lion; and the business cards invite the holder to discover a hidden phrase.”


The Law Office of Matthew Messina

Designed by Kevin Cantrell Design | Country: United States

“Authentic, genuine, forthright. With a direct client relations’ approach, the Law Office of Matthew Messina embodies traditional values that provide the best services possible in estate planning, trusts, wills, contracts and family law. Every brand touch point has an authentic, hand down quality that reflects the Law Office of Matthew Messina’s personalized experience with each client.”



Designed by FRVR™ | Country: Czech Republic

“Vrrb Interactive is California based web-developing studio. The founder asked us to design colorful identity with custom logotype. We came up with several concepts from which he chose the one based on logotype which is trying to emphasize the “rrrr” sound in the word by ending the first letter the same way as ‘r’s are. This also adds some extra rythm to the wordmark. Color system is based on existing set of color papers (Pop’Set) since printing white on pre-colored papers allows for much wider color variety of applications for low price than printing each and every spot color.”


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