The Katie Boyce Company

Designed by Jack Muldowney | Country: United States

“Katie Boyce asked for help branding her new political consulting venture, so I chose to combine a personable and approachable identity with equal elements displaying a bold professionalism. In the end, Katie received a colorful collateral set complete with personal stamps and embossers for quick branding restock.”


Sainte Marie

Designed by La Mamzelle & Co. | Country: Canada

“Branding for Montreal-based textile designer Monique Ste-Marie. Minimal and stylish identity for contemporary hand woven of hemp product design. The signature features a stylized ‘A’, for Artisan, symbolizing the timeless beauty of traditional craft. We’ve also creates a woven pattern with this typographic element to underline the quality and care put in every woven item.”


12 Musketeers

Designed by Reka Juhasz | Country: United States

“The project is a collaboration between paperreka and 11 of her designer friends. They call themselves the 12 musketeers. Trained in battle at the School of Advertising Art each musketeer mastered their respective weapon of design and decided to join forces to defend the honor of letterpress with a limited edition 2013 letterpress calendar. The battle has begun. You can read about the musketeers, their concepts, and pick up a calendar for yourself on the website.”


Giftlane Co.

Designed by Andrew Jonathan | Country: Indonesia

“Giftlane Co. is a personal gift–giving service that helps you choose the right gift for the right person. Users of the site will be asked to answer a series of questions about the person they’re giving it to, from occasion, interests, etc.

A universal embossing tool that can be applied to a whole range of different items, from the stationery, up to the label and packaging of the gifts itself.”


Greg & Laura Wedding Invitation

Designed by Kat Kinasewich | Country: Canada

“I find my treasures – old picture books, children’s books, atlases and encyclopedias-by searching through thrift stores, yard sales and estate sales. By hand, I transform each page of a book into a unique set of wedding stationary, tailored to match the couple’s own distinct personality.”


Molly Watson

Designed by Studio Blackburn | Country: United Kingdom

“Molly Watson helps leaders to develop and deploy their most valuable communication resource: themselves – their own experiences, insights, opinion and the impression they make as individuals.

She commissioned us to articulate this proposition in the form of a visual identity, including website, stationery, business cards, templates and a reformatted CV.

The use of a bold colour against the muted palette and the speech marks in the logo imitates the distinctive effect of Molly’s work on her clients and their organisations. They stand out.”


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