Fat Cow

Designed by Foreign Policy Design Group | Country: Singpore

“Fat Cow is a specialist beef restaurant employing the Japanese way of picking, cooking and serving beef. Drawing inspiration largely from the Japanese aesthetic – Wabi Sabi with traits that include simplicity, economy, austerity, modesty and the appreciation of the ingenuous integrity of natural objects and processes, wood is used primarily as the platform of this brand communication. The non-uniformity and texture suggests the Wabi Sabi beauty of imperfection. The mark and the searing on the wood are also reminiscent of the branding of cattle.”


Unlisted Collection

Designed by Foreign Policy Design Group | Country: Singpore

“The collection’s whimsical and quirky take on each of their hotel inspire the use of Dadaism in the brand identity and collateral, where images are picked and paired with deliberate irrationality. The colon in the logotype gives room for imagination of the hotel by the guests, leaving it open for their own interpretation.”


Beer Institute

Designed by 3 Advertising | Country: United States

“The Beer Institute is the beer industry’s voice for brewers and importers. We crafted a simple identity package that reflects the product’s natural ingredients.”



Designed by Anagrama | Country: Mexico

“Maderista is a carpentry boutique that offers custom made furniture using only the finest wood. With more than 30 years of experience, Maderista approached us with the need to consolidate its brand with a stronger and more sophisticated design, a rebranding that would express it’s proficiency and expertise in a modern and all-embracing way.

The naming for Maderista is a witty made-up word consisting of two parts: madera, or ‘wood’ in Spanish and the suffix ‘ista’, a designation of profession, conviction and character. So the name Maderista, or ‘one who works with wood’, is explicit of the brand’s custom services.”


Larsson Furniture

Designed by André Falk Design | Country: Sweden

“It was in 1953 that Sven Larsson opened his first furniture store in Stockholm. The company is a family business specialized in high quality furniture made in their own factory located in the south of Sweden in a village called Sjöbo. In 2012 Sven’s grandchildren overtook the business and wanted the company to join a contemporary era yet keep the great values of their grandfather and father. They changed the name from ‘Möbelshop’ to ‘Larsson Furniture’ and together we created an entirely new graphic identity built upon the love of handicrafts, material quality and great design.”


The Social House

Designed by The Social House | Country: Ireland

“We wanted to have a bit of fun with the usual way that agency stationery is used for clients. Our business cards, comp slip and letter heads all have their own personality relevant to the context in which they are being used.”


Chuck Pautler Consultants

Designed by Good Fortune Collective | Country: Canada

“Public affairs consultant Chuck Pautler has an uncanny way of making business problems “go away”. To capture his unique brand of public affairs consultation, we introduced the first hit-man for business problems, along with some pretty memorable letterpress/foil stamp duplexed calling cards.”


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