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Designed by Isacasi | Country: Spain

“Irene is a lottery office based in Valencia. Founded in 1965, the company has adapted itself over the years to changes and new technologies without losing their essence or enthusiasm of making things right, “like in the beginning” as they use to say. Now it was time to adapt to other changes and to create a strong identity: with the redesign of the brand, they were looking to express their values, to communicate their expertise and their attention to every detail.”

“For that reason, it was interesting to develop a simple language based on values of timelessness and simplicity as opposed to the identity of other offices The combination of sans-serif typefaces and serif type enhance the balance between modernity and tradition. Furthermore, the juxtaposition of black and gold not only provides restraint and elegance to the identity but is precisely that touch of sophistication, combined with the simplicity of the printed materials, that has helped Irene to stand out amongst the rest.”


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