Designers Anonymous

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Designed by Designers Anonymous | Country: United Kingdom

“Our identity reflects our guiding principle:

We’re anonymous because we believe that it’s all about the work…. the idea. It’s not about us. All that matters is the quality of the idea and its effect on our clients’ performance.

Putting this principle into practice, our name is hidden behind a black panel displaying the work on our website, only to be revealed when visitors roll over ‘About’, ‘Contact’ or the ® symbol. On our business cards, a graphic icon printed with heat-sensitive ink hides our name, to be revealed by the warmth of a finger or thumb. These icons include a boxing glove (The creative studio behind impactful branding and communications) a duck (The creative studio behind well targeted branding and communications) and an elephant (The creative studio behind memorable branding and communications). A ‘Stay in touch’ line continues the finger and thumb message.”

“On our letterhead, our name is hidden by a repositionable heart sticker (The creative studio behind thoughtful communications) and on our compliment slips ‘Designers Anonymous’ is hidden by a highlighter pen icon (The creative studio behind noteworthy branding and communications). This theme continues on our address label, where our name is hidden by a pigeon icon (The creative studio behind effective, award-winning ideas, delivered on time).

Overall, our identity graphically demonstrates that we at Designers Anonymous are happy to hide behind our work.”


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