Heart Affair

Designed by Mildred & Duck | Country: Australia

“Identity and collateral items for Australian based soy melt label Heart Affair. The identity is designed to evoke the feeling of vintage soap and bathroom products, to give the brand an established yet playful look that stands out from the other similar products on the market.”


1010 Tires

Designed by Spring | Country: Canada

“Brief: The client was looking for a business card design that would help them stand out in a market littered with competitors. They wanted something that would represent their practical and consumer first approach to business.

Solution: We produced a business card that was not only aesthetically pleasing but functional and focused on the consumers needs. The dual purpose design mimicked that of a tire gauge and allowed customers to check their tire tread before they called in.”


Ostecx Créative

Designed by Ostecx Créative | Country: Poland

“Our new visual identification stands for contrast and simplicity. That’s why we’ve decided to supplement minimalistic lettering with embossing and fluorescent gradients. “Bonjour” word, which is repeated on every project, is used to emphasize one of the agency’s founders french roots and invite to contact us. Intensive colors symbolize energy of our actions and diffusion between the world of design and advertising in our agency’s offer. All materials was printed on paper Cyclus Offset.”


Jeanne Birth Announcement

Designed by Pauline “Automatique” Barbe | Country: France

French designer Pauline Barbe put together this lovely little birth announcement stationery set to send to family and friends.



Designed by Mildred & Duck | Country: Australia

“Identity re-design for one of Australia’s largest home accessories and wholesale wall décor brands. The identity was designed to be neutral, keeping the overall look current and fashionable, ensuring it sits comfortably with the varied product range and styles.”


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