Delta Lion Pub

Designed by St. Bernadine Mission Communication Inc. | Country: Canada

“The Delta Lion is a neighbourhood pub loved by the locals and built around strong community values. The stationery pays homage to the community’s rich history through a collection of business logos of the past, which were collected from the city’s archives. The typography and colours help to reinforce the brand’s warm and welcoming personality, while the prominence of first names speaks to their casual, neighbourly approach.”


Newwork Calendar 2013

Designed by Studio Newwork | Country: United States

“We are happy to announce Newwork Calendar 2013 is now available! By composing dates as music notes, simply hoping it would give you a little smile in 2013. For the upcoming 2013, we chose green as a key color. 50 pieces for Green ink and 50 pieces for Black ink are available.”


BDH Millwork

Designed by WAX | Country: Canada

“Brad Haniak, journeyman cabinet maker and owner of BDH Millwork, needed a business card. He also had a budget smaller than an acorn. Not letting fiscal woes get in our way, we came up with the solution of stamping Brad’s info onto leftover wood he had lying around from past cabinetry jobs. Forty dollars later, Brad has the best looking (and smelling) business card this side of the Everglades.”


2013 Robot Calendar

Designed by 55 Hi’s | Country: United States

“Introducing the 2013 Robot Calendar! A limited edition poster-style calendar featuring 12 original monthly-themed robot characters. Illustrated in collaboration with Justin Mezzell, each calendar is a 16×24, 4-color screenprint that is hand numbered in a limited run of 200.

Each robot character in the calendar is illustrated and inspired by a common theme associated with the month it represents. For example, November is a Robot Turkey for Thanksgiving and also simply because a robot turkey is awesome. Holidays of each month are highlighted with circles and a full annual list is at the bottom for reference.”



Designed by Pedro Paulino | Country: Brazil

“Creating innovative and well designed products, the Decor8 brand was made looking deeply at the objects they sell. Using different type forms to show the variety you can find on-line.

The business card were done in a very thick cardboard called parana, symbolizing not only a piece of paper but a small silkscreened object.”



Designed by Re-robot Studio | Country: Uruguay

“GRØN is the official distributor in the region of several european bicycle brands and accesories, such as Linus, Pashley, Create, Abici, Brompton, Brooks, Knog and many more. We designed the business cards in a simple and elegant way, showing the very spirit of the brand, which is the love and commitment for the urban bicycle world.”


Gabe Ferreira

Designed by Gabe Ferreira | Country: United States

Interesting die cut business cards from California based designer Gabe Ferreira.


Y Studio

Designed by Y Studio | Country: India

“Y Studio is a Mumbai based design studio. Started by two young designers, Aditya Joshi and Janhavi Khare, both have been practicing in this domain for a decade and creating award winning print work, which ranges from brand identity, packaging design, navigation design and communication design.

They recently started on their own and joined hands to form “Y Studio”. Their idea behind the name and their company goes by the logic of being undefined.

Undefined in their words: Y as a name intrigues us. The two lines coming together to form a union represents us. Y is an unknown quantity, it is undefined. Undefined thought process and undefined style, open and ever changing.

There within lies the thought of the undefined ever changing form of Y. The idea is to not have a fixed visual form that represents Y.”


Craftor Studio

Designed by Craftor Studio | Country: Greece

“Hand made edge colored business cards printed on 2mm thick cardboard stock.

Our goal was to create a crafty look&feel of the cards in order to relate with the name of our new studio and website launch.”


Ashford & Ashford

Designed by Ghost | Country: United States

“Ashford & Ashford’s mark holds great symbolic importance to the company as a whole. Two main ideas founded the mark. The first: to create a very structured mark to convey stability, credibility, and legality. The second idea was to use an underlying organic feeling in order to communicate reliability, approachability, and accessibility.

This balance was struck in both the typography and the crest itself. The typeface is structured yet curvilinear. When creating the crest of the mark, we did so in layers. The first layer, the outlining of the crest, is designed to mirror the organic curvature within the typeface. Next was the incorporation of the signature ‘A.’ The ‘A’ is used as a reference to an oil-rig, in relation to the work of Ashford & Ashford. Finally, three curvilinear lines were integrated behind the ‘A’, used to symbolize the layers of the earth. The placing of the diamond in the lower half of the crest was chosen as a reference to minerals.”


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