Student Work – Murray Batten

Designed by Murray Batten | Country: Australia

“Identity and stationery design for a Chinese convenience store called Gulp. The visual language used is bold and slightly quirky, to appeal to the youth demographic.”


Josh Nychuk

Designed by Josh Nychuk | Country: Canada

A personal stationery package developed for self promotional purposes. The identity communicates personal values, and my services in graphic design and photography through various techniques and production methods.

The business card makes use of a production method in which a middle layer containing my contact information is laser cut out and sandwiched between two outer sheets of paper. Facing downward you can only see the printed idiom “more than meets the eye” implying a hidden message or beyond what is initially perceived. When held up to a light source (daylight works fine) the contact information is revealed. A testament to minimalism, and a curiosity for what lies beneath the surface.

The symbol of the eye, is created through a reprographic technique called halftone. As the scale or depth-of-field changes the eye comes in and out of focus. It is accompanied by the Gestalt idiom “see the forest for the trees”. The concept of Gestalt—a collection of symbolic entities that create a unified being or whole—seemed appropriate way communicate my specialization as a designer of visual identities in an enigmatic way.

The identity does no make use of a formalistic logo, and instead is largely recognized through typography and technique.”


Harrison Photography

Designed by Michael Lee | Country: Canada

“Harrison Ha is an international acclaimed photographer who started out his career as a journalist. His plus 20 years of experience has earned him numerous awards both in Asia and North America. I came up with a new identity that includes a complete set of stationaries and promotional materials. The objective was to communicate Harrison’s new studio that is fun and approachable at the same time making references to his traditional background in the days of working with 35mm films. Transparency films are used on the business cards and promotion calendar printed with the photographer’s work in negative to allude to the look and feel of camera films.”


Total Graphics

Designed by St. Bernadine Mission Communication Inc. | Country: Canada

“Total Graphics, in Vancouver, Canada, makes use of digital services ranging from printing to online applications to create custom solutions for their clients’ business problems.

St. Bernadine developed a new logo and identity based on the centuries-old tangram puzzle, to represent how Total Graphic’s services can be configured in unlimited ways – each time, creating a new, unique solution. The tangram, constantly able to change, also reflects how their services and expertise change and evolve to reflect new technologies and customer needs. The colour palette, pulled from the tangram puzzle, refers to how they always strive to help their clients in new and surprising ways.”


Little Fury

Designed by Little Fury | Country: United States

“Our agency’s logotype design and business card execution reflects the overall attitude of Little Fury. The name says “we mean business” while the style suggests grace and sophistication. Our agency is comprised of an array of different designers all with very different aesthetics so we thought a strong juxtaposition was necessary.”



Designed by Jakshop | Country: United States

“We wanted a card that would stand out amongst the rest. We opted for a sleek black on black aesthetic. Laser cut cards. No printing was involved. Etched on black 4ply Museum Board. Laser etching made possible by PUBLIC Letterpress.”


Doug Liddle Guitar Instruction

Designed by St. Bernadine Mission Communication Inc. | Country: Canada

“These business cards introduce the fun of learning to play the guitar within moments of holding them. Raised thermographic printing add a nice dimension to the guitar chord diagram and serve as tactile indicators for accurate finger placement.”


Tall Ltd

Designed by Tall Ltd | Country: United Kingdom

“Being a digital marketing business, it is rare we have something tangible in our portfolio to take with us to new client meeting, so we want our business card to really make a statement. Just about every meeting gets a great reaction and normally ends with the comment  “I bet they cost a bit”


Circle 21 Candles

Designed by Nudge | Country: United States


Maison Gerard

Designed by Mother New York | Country: United States

“Founded in 1974, Maison Gerard specializes in Fine French Art Deco Furniture, Lighting and Objects d’art. Maison Gerard approached Mother New York to re-design their brand identity and communications to coincide with the opening of a new gallery/showroom on East 10th Street.  Mother NY created an identity that speaks to the tradition of the Deco period while reenforcing a contemporary point of view. This modern edge is communicated with printed materials, typography and photography that helps differentiate Maison Gerard from its competitors both within the United States and internationally.”


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