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Designed by Between | Country: Sweden

“Crosby is a new media production company in Stockholm focusing on still photography, film and web orientated productions for advertising agencies in specific. The company was founded in the Spring of 2012 by Photographer Petrus Olsson & C2.

The identity work focused on a very grid-orientated design. We wanted to give Crosby a personal, yet flexible identity which also would be fun to use on a daily basis. A bunch of different templates were designed. They were printed on four different colored papers and every single employee got a perforated sheet of business cards of their own. The grid is present though out the whole stationary. Set to 3 mm it is even a part of the perforation itself when you tear apart the business cards.

Printed in letterpress at Norrbacka Tryckeri in Stockholm using embossing and Pantone Black. Typeface: Linotype Neue Haas Grotesk.”


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