Crowne Chauffeur Services

Designed by Alan Haverty | Country: Ireland

“I was approached by Crowne Chauffeur Services and asked to re-invent the company’s brand by providing them with a updated, simplified design. The client wanted something that would immediately say ‘luxury’ without being pretentious, something which would help build on their already established reputation. After a period of research into the clientiele they wished to attract, it was clear that Iconography was the way to go. From meeting with the client it was clear that there was a desire relate the brand to the timeless style of the classic Crooners, Dean Martin, Sammy Davis Jr, Sinatra, classic powder blacks, pristine whites and warm gold are used throughout the brand now, which replicate the timeless ‘class’ of that era.

Over a number of weeks I worked with the client to introduce luxurious elements to the brands image. Foil blocking was used for the print work, business cards were created using superior cotton duo plan paper and debossed with the company’s new Iconic logo.”



Designed by Alonglongtime | Country: Hong Kong

“Alonglongtime is a Hong Kong based multi-disciplinary design house. We are dedicated to brand identity, printed matter and packaging for clients from corporate, leisure, retail and art & culture.”


Anna Swingland

Designed by Adam Townend | Country: United Kingdom

“The brief was to design a stationery set which would promote Anna’s work and the services she offers. Anna’s business prides itself on client relationships and the dedication to her clients had to come through in the work. The business card, printed on greyboard, starts the ongoing conversation between Anna and her clients. The development of the concept led to the inclusion of the ‘book binding courtesy of’ tagline which offsets the identity. This tagline was line applied across the range of other deliverables to reinforce the influence Anna has and the dedication she shows her clients.”



Designed by D.Studio | Country: United Kingdom

The Hong Kong Escape Re-enactment Organisation (H.E.R.O.) was formed to commemorate and raise awareness of the great escape of the 2nd MTB Flotilla and VIP party from Hong Kong to freedom in China on Christmas day 1941. This daring escape was led by the legendary one-legged Chinese Admiral, Chan Chak.



Designed by Sandro Dujmenovic | Country: Croatia

“Armarion is a modern custom made furniture manufacturer from north of Croatia located in a small town. It stands out with its extraordinaire design and quality finish thus incorporating modern ideas. The business card is a statement of quality, elegance and quality of the mobilia, a reflection of Armarion’s values.

Using a pattern made of Armarion’s mark printed with uv varnish on thick black silk paper(350gsm) by Igepa Plana Papiri in Zagreb creates a timeless, elegant and subtle visual statement that immediately impacts the viewer.”


Propeller Creative

Designed by Propeller Creative | Country: Australia


Designed by Burnthebook | Country: United Kingdom

“We’re called Burnthebook. We’re an established creative agency in the UK and we have a background in publishing. So, when we created our new branding and stationery, it made sense to develop ideas surrounding bookbinding and traditional printing techniques.

Our branding is based on traditional publishing marks, whilst the business cards themselves are letterpressed. The coloured edges are reminiscent of the painted edges found on antique books, but we’ve used a bold crimson and white for a contemporary twist.

Burnthebook is a full service creative agency. We work on projects for print and for the web. Our studio is home to designers, web developers and copywriters.”


St. Bernadine Mission Communication Inc.

Designed by St. Bernadine Mission Communication Inc. | Country: Canada

“Saint Bernadine is the Patron Saint of advertising, graphic design, compulsive gambling and lung disease, as well as the name of a leading branding, advertising and design firm based in Vancouver, Canada.

This redesign of our stationery incorporates a system of patterns, inspired by endpaper designs, confessional booth screens and that quintessential advertising icon, the starburst.

Paper is Neenah’s Eames Weave Natural White, printed offset in three spot colours.”


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