Nana Chan

Designed by Gardens&Co. | Country: Hong Kong

“Nana Chan, a self-styled epicurean, commissioned us to create an identity for her self-projects: blog, Youtube channel and tea house in Taipei (Coming soon!). From a Lawyer turned to gourmand and travel junkie, she believes the simpler things in life that matter most. We like it so much and, in fact, it is our belief too. We based on her personality and writing, a pure and quiet visual language was created to convey her message. We take “- – – – -“ to portray the repeating pattern of our living and Nana shares the little surprises to our lives “- n – a – n – a – “. We adapted this system throughout all projects and applications. All photos were taken by Nana.”


Disperse 2011

Designed by Disperse Team / Arts University College Bournemouth | Country: United Kingdom

“We (the graphic students from the Arts University College Bournemouth) are delighted to tell you that our end of year show is soon approaching and we have just completed our promotional stationery for the show. Our invitations have been designed and made by our design team on campus featuring foil blocking and most notably laser-cut and engraved on the reverse. Our limited edition series of A1 posters are also laser-cut with our logo which was developed from the interactive identity featured on our website.”



Designed by Zissou | Country: Indonesia

“I wanted a card that showed my interest in sustainability, especially my love of bamboo as a sustainable material. My cards are each hand-carved and then laser etched with my logotype. The cards are also an exercise in minimalism – the only details on my card are my name. One of the advantages of having an obscure name and owning the relevant ‘.com’ is that, with a quick google search, I am fairly easy to find. It also creates a degree of intrigue with the recipient and helps drive people to my site and look at my work.”

Another Shirt Please

Designed by Planet Creative | Country: Sweden



Maas Design Co.

Designed by Maas Design Co. | Country:

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