The Great Blandini

Designed by Mike Rigby | Country: Australia

“Steve Bland is a re-toucher extraordinaire. Multi skilled in the mysterious ways of photoshop and a true Mac wizard. He asked me to create an identity that stood out from the usual, would appeal to the creative industry and reflect his sense of fun and humor. And so, plain old Steve Bland became ‘The Great Blandini’ and an engaging, Victorian inspired typographic identity unfolded. Referencing an era when magic was still truly magical.

The identity includes ‘playing card’ business cards, featuring a different photoshop trick on each one and magic wand poster proofing tubes.

Designed at Interbrand with Malin Holmstrom, Andrew Droog and Mike Reed.”


Mother of Pearl

Designed by William Hall | Country: United Kingdom

“Mother of Pearl is a clothing brand which uses technical fabrics such as those used in sportswear in a collection of luxury womenswear.

Examples include a non-creasing silk hoodie which rolls into its own pocket for transport, then uncrumples and fastens with magnets. Many of the items have lasercut elements or feature complex pattern cutting.

The stationery is a statement of intent, and a reflection of the brand values of Mother of Pearl. They aim to be innovative, audacious, experimental, stylish, and pioneering.

Using a three column grid, foiling and a large debossed area the letterhead features a large (126mm square) black block, which contributes a significant visual statement and echoes the square fabric label used on some garments. Anyone receiving a letter from Mother of Pearl immediately understands they are a company that innovates and enjoys the potential of doing things differently.

Most importantly this letterhead – and every other item in the stationery – is entirely functional, simple, and elegant.”



Designed by Greg Durrell | Country: Canada

“In the fall of 2010 I began a corporate identity for a metal fabricator based in Delta, British Columbia. The brief called for an extensive program including a new identity, stationary, photography, website and building signage

Since 1981, Marcon has provided steel for some of British Columbia’s most iconic infrastructures, including the Lions Gate Bridge, the Sea-to-Sky Highway and the Revelstoke Dam, to name a few. The identity draws its inspiration from the company’s values, with a clean, timeless and structurally sound design solution

The identity was developed in collaboration with Matthew Boyd and the photography was shot by Rick Collins.”


Paul Archer Design

Designed by ManvsMachine | Country: United Kingdom

“Brand identity for London based architecture studio Paul Archer Design.

The identity uses contrasting materials and processes with the intention of creating a tactile identity. A customised version of Serifa was drawn for the logotype, with a full version of ‘Serifarcher’ currently a work in process.”



Designed by Build | Country: United Kingdom

‘Identity for a London-based digital content/production company. 3angrymen commissioned us to completely overhaul their brand. Alongside a new marque (a bracketing device based on a screen) we devised a dynamic system of patterning that can be used in a never-ending combination of ways enabling the team to continually look fresh. A full stationery set (multi-use A4 sheet, business cards, address labels with accompanying templates + bespoke envelopes) was designed for maximum effectiveness whilst keeping print costs to a minimum.”


Charlotte Elizabeth Photographer

Designed by Stitch | Country: United States

Charlotte of Charlotte Elizabeth Photographer is new photographer on the Charleston scene. She came to Stitch to design her logo and give her a brand that reflected her energetic and out going personality. To capture Charlotte’s whimsy, we hand-drew her logo and established a set of icons to represent the different types of people she photographs – each illustrated through different types of transportation. Weddings (a tandem bike) Kids (a tricycle) Teens (a vespa) and so on. With Charlotte being a lover of downtown and its ease of getting to and from on a bike – it was a perfect fit. We combined letterpress and offset printing to produce her stationery set and made sure to include punches of color and illustration, all reflective of Charlotte’s love for life and photography.”


Mission Photo Production

Designed by Berg | Country: united Kingdom

“With a name like ‘Mission’ it would have been easy to fall into a cliché. We wanted to stay away from these and concentrate on creating a confident and functional mark with an established quality. We inherited the Helvetica Neue font and therefore needed to balance it’s utilitarian nature with the personality of the client.

To this end we used of a soft pink hue as a generic background colour on all communications. This made the brand more human and approachable whilst retaining a professional and efficient feel. The new identity was applied to a new website and suite of stationery.”


Bear René

Designed by Marque | Country: United Kingdom

“Bear René are an interior design business in the South of England. Marque were appointed to create a new brand identity and positioning for the business. An identity system was created which reflected the craftsmanship, detailing and sensitivity of their work on luxury home interiors. A monogram was developed which in turn can be used as a repeat pattern which is embossed or printed using thermography or foil onto a range of communications materials, as well as fabrics to be sold in the Bear René Studio.”


Haven Architecture

Designed by Stitch | Country: United States

“A stationery package created using several different stamps, inks and matte board, allowing the creativity to be in the hands of the client.”


Edge Board

Designed by Hampus Jageland | Country: France

“Edgeboard are handmade chopping boards from the Northern Beaches in NSW that possess a special feature; an edge which you use to slide off the chopped food against. They use a natural anti-bacterial wood sourced form the Byron Shire.

The identity is based on the board’s special feature, the edge, and the brand comes to life using the edge in any any application. A simple, structured logo is used in combination with textured and environmentally friendly stocks.”


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