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Designed by Smel | Country: The Netherlands

‘Les Garçons de Smel’ was inscribed on the envelope that photographer Cornelie Tollens slid across the table to us. ‘Your prints,’ she said. Looking at the large A3+ envelope there on the table, involuntary smiles appeared on our faces.

Tollens’ personal note was the starting point for our new identity.Special and personal contact with our clients is part of our core business, but how do our clients see us? With that question in the back of our heads, we searched for e-mails, notes, envelopes, etcetera. Soon enough, we found lots of unique quotes about Smel.

For the identity, we made a selection of five different texts. The texts range from a signed text by Bono (U2), to a piece of an e-mail from Tom Waits. All texts are related to the work or the people working at Smel. The quotes intrigue and trigger curiosity to the story behind them. The asterisk on the back of some parts of the stationery gives a reference and a brief explanation.



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