CFC Cinephilia

Designed by TAXI | Country: Canada

“Cinephilia is the name created for the Canadian Film Centre’s 20th anniversary gala fundraiser. While researching the project we discovered that the film industry has so many technical references and jargon that it could be almost undecipherable to the general public  – in essence they have their own secret language/society. Taking the idea of a secret society as a starting point we created a crest and tartan to distinguish this unique group. The pieces were printed with “metal effects” which is a proprietary process owned by C.J. Graphics in Toronto.”



Designed by Steven Jockisch | Country: United States

“Bludot is a furniture design and manufacturing company founded by John Christakos, Charles Lazor and Maurice Blanks. Their goal is to “bring good design to as many people as possible” by creating desirable, useful and affordable products.

The main focus of this stationery system is the powder-coated steel business cards in four colors. Many of their products make use of this material, so we felt the stationery should incorporate this aesthetic. The paper pieces are produced with both offset and letterpress printing by Studio on Fire.



Designed by Nicole Kraieski | Country: United States


F5 Photography

Designed by Ross Clodfelter | Country: United States

“Letterpress business card and screenprinted 9×12 mailer design for F5 Photography. The logo and letterpressed business cards appeared on Communication Arts Exhibit, Feb 2010.”


Fast Eddie’s Barber Shop

Designed by Richard Arthur Stewart | Country: United States

Fast Eddie’s is a no nonsense barber shop found in Allston, MA. one of Boston’s many historical neighborhoods. This place is the epitome of traditional Americana, which I wanted the mark and typography to represent; Franklin Gothic and ATF Bodoni scanned from a letterpress book with a mashup illustration combining an iconic eagle and barber’s comb.

I wanted to stay away from the “red, white & blue” barber pole theme and stick with something high contrast and modern. Stark, rich blacks screen printed on whitewash 100 lb. card stock  give the collateral a strong masculine feel while referencing the brand’s age and history.”


Proform Solutions

Designed by Seesaw Design | Country: Australia

“Proform Solutions is a Australian owned company with more than 15 years experience in the Rotational Moulding sector.

The objective was to reposition Proform as a market leader in the moulding industry. The logotype and resulting custom typeface were developed so to directly represent the industry while also reflecting a modern, adaptive company. These concepts were carried through to their collateral with the introduction of blind embossing techniques.



Designed by Forge | Country: United States

“We wanted a business card that imparted the hands-on nature of our design studio, and that would be impressive but affordable. We really lucked out with some discount clearance stock from a local stationery printer, getting 40 parent sheets of this gorgeous, thick paper for around $30. The letterpress cost us about $150 given that we were supplying stock. The most expensive part was running letter-size sheets of labels offset and having them trimmed to several options. This, of course, doesn’t count the time that we have to spend to customize each card with one of our name labels, but that aspect hopefully communicates some of the hands-on aspects to potential clients.

We have great looking cards that make a really good first impression, and we didn’t spend a fortune. I think the key to that was doing some legwork and looking for deals. Cheap paper here, a good printer contact there, a little handwork ourselves for each card.”

The Vic

Designed by Seesaw Design | Country: Australia

“The Vic is your local Abbotsford drinking institution.

A project fuelled with much love, The Vic recently went through a branding and interior facelift. With a love of found curiosities, vintage typography and local icons, The Vic wanted a effortless yet quirky brand that could adapt and change to suit their eclectic clientele.

Work produced included art direction, signage, interior graphics, identity systems, web design and development, eMarketing, wine label design, stationery and event branding.”


Student Work – Staci Paul

Designed by Staci Paul | Country: United States

“Carabiner encourages and inspires outdoor activity by providing students and community members with the necessary resources & equipment they need to connect to the great outdoors within their own community. Technology is utilized as an educational and community-building connecting tool that brings users closer to nature and enhances the outdoor experience, in turn building a sense of environmental stewardship.”


Precision Ink & Stitch

Designed by Kendrick Kidd | Country: United States

“This Michigan based, family owned start-up was looking for a mark that would emphasize their craftsmanship, and attention to detail. I’m really happy they went the extra mile & sprung for the letterpress business cards (printed by the lovely 42pressed). I think the production helped hammer the point home;  they’re serious about what they do.”


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