Canada’s Walk of Fame

Designed by TAXI | Country: Canada

“Established in 1998, Canada’s Walk of Fame aims to educate,inform, and inspire through the permanent celebration of achievements in Canadian music, sport, film and television as well as the literary, visual and performing arts, and science and innovation.

The challenge for this project was to create a new logo and visual language that best reflected the new positioning of Canada’s Walk of Fame: the organization that fuels national pride by celebrating the outstanding achievements of Canadian cultural icons. The concept behind the logo (five overlapping maple leaves forming a singular star) is inspired by the bond of Canadian pride that we all share.”




Designed by Bibliothèque | Country: United Kingdom

“The design solution expresses the Flint ideology of craftsmanship and modernity. Stone-age cutting tools made from Flint (a material found in abundance in the Norfolk area) illustrate this identity for a boutique hair-salon based in Norwich.

The visual language uses devices found in museums dedicated to the display of local artifacts such as vitrines, measuring scales, and captions.”


Biplane Creative

Designed by Biplane Creative | Country: United States

“It’s supposed to be my golden ticket (!) to a design job in this bloody economy. It also comes from the concept of my one-man, design shop brand: Biplane Creative. It’s meant to convey the feeling and thought behind the era of the biplane.

The biggest curve in the project was the plate for the card and making it feel like a ticket, without it feeling too much like a raffle. Also, hitting the paper right, so the artwork didn’t bump over to the other side. Jason, from Genghis Kern, had the brilliant idea to do them two-up and make them the width of the paper (8.5 in). Basically, I got two cards with one run of the press.”


Lux Beauty Boutique

Designed by The Office of Nature | Country: Canada

“Have you ever gotten to design WALLPAPER!?!? When my client asked me to convert a tissue paper pattern I designed for her boutique in Edmonton into a full blown wallpaper design, it almost made me wish I lived in those near arctic conditions. Instead, I made a whole set of stationary based on the pattern motif and had it all letterpressed at the Mandate Press in Salt Lake City. Win-win.”


Perrine’s Wine Shop

Designed by Alvin Diec | Country: United States

Perrine developed a passion for food and wine at a very early age. At 14, she attended a private school focused primarily on the culinary arts and the hospitality business. For four years she extensively traveled throughout France, working in various kitchens eventually deciding to pursue her passion for wine. Upon graduating from the highly regarded Le Castel sommelier school, she moved to London to work as a sommelier in the Michelin 3 star restaurant Le Gavroche. This restaurant has the highest regarded wine cellar in London.

She earned a challenge medal for the best young sommelier in Bordeaux in 2004. Upon arriving in Atlanta in 2006 only speaking French, she learned English and earned a sommelier certification from the Master of Sommelier Institute.”


Tactic Marketing

Designed by Tactic Marketing | Country: United States

“We set out looking for something substantial and unique. We loved the idea of letterpress on the heavyweight Crane, and we stuck with a single color to offset some of the cost. From the start, we were attached to the idea of everyone having their own unique ‘back,’ and we played around with several different options before arriving at the headshots. The loose halftones worked well—corresponding with the one color theme, and creating a nice texture. And due to the coarse dot pattern, the headshots are somewhat dynamic in their appearance – up close they appear as an abstract pattern, and at a distance they read as a crisp headshot.

Working within the restrictions of letterpress really inspired us to look at things differently, and we couldn’t be happier with the end results.”


French Paper Co.

Designed by Charles S. Anderson Design | Country: United States

“French’s business cards utilize one of their most popular paper lines, Pop-Tone. Simple, uncluttered information is presented on one side, with a grid of relevant iconography on the back. Cut to resemble hang-tags, these heavyweight cards also nod to the great packaging potential of French’s papers.”


The Peace Corps @ 50

Designed by Push IQ | Country: United States

“The Peace Corps @ 50 identity package is one of the most challenging and definitely most fulfilling projects we’ve been involved with. The goal was to develop an identity package that would embody everything that make the Peace Corps @ 50 unique and special and to be budget conscience at the same time. We used stamps to apply the logo elements and address labels for the individual business information. The result is a very detailed, hand crafted and unique identity system that is one of a kind.”


A Hundred Monkeys

Designed by Croxton Design | Country: United States

Croxton Design was commissioned  to design business cards for A Hundred Monkeys, a naming and branding firm based in Mill Valley, California. The cards were letterpressed, die cut, perforated and crash numbered.”


Flat Pack Mick

Designed by Atelier 1A & Elmwood | Country: Germany

“Letterhead, compliments slip & business card for Mick, who’ll help you with all your flat pack furniture problems.”


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