Screenprint Productions

Designed by The Consult | Country: United Kingdom

“Pushing the ‘S’ in screenprinting, we developed this simple brand device. It allowed us to enhance key words, create messages relevant to the target audience and comment on the media in use – such as Sealed for packaging tape.

This created an instantly recognisable, fun and ownable graphic device. A range of production techniques available from the company were showcased on a selection of materials and.”


Seaward Bakery

Designed by Erik Anthony Hamline | Country: United States

“Identity for Seaward Bread Bakery. Concepted while at Studio On Fire, self initiated completion.”



Designed by Deutsche & Japaner | Country: Germany

“The interdisciplinary blog Ignant started the new year with a complete makeover. We happily contributed to its new appearance and developed an iconography, redefined the emblem and several supplemented printed matters. More to come.”


Robson De Souza

Designed by Oliver Munday | Country: United States

Great concept and execution for this home improvement & custom carpentry company.


Designed by Filthy | Country: United Kingdom

“We strongly believe in the value of print, so as a print-based designs studio, we feel it’s important that our stationery is a showcase of what we can do within the medium.

We created a bespoke logo that was then embossed across all of our stationery, creating a latex texture on uncoated paper. We used a color palette set in black & white, with a hint of turquoise to demonstrate the attention to detail we like to achieve with all of our projects.

All printing and finishing produced by Generation Press.”


Eight Hour Day

Designed by Eight Hour Day | Country: United States

“We created this identity with the understanding that we would be traveling for a year. Because of this, we kept amounts small and only printed what we felt we needed and what we felt would work best for this “alternative” working style. Instead of a standard letterhead, we opted for a postcard and notecard. We felt this was more mobile and highlighted the idea that we were on the road. We also use a stamp to pinpoint our location on a map on the mailing label.”



Designed by Parent | Country: United Kingdom

“Beaujais is a luxurious start-up, designing unique lingerie exclusively for Women with fuller busts. Parent designed a suitably high-end brand identity and seasonal look book that was both contemporary and unique to their market. Inspired by classic typography and calligraphy we produced a bespoke marque which reflected the voluptuous nature of the brand with a high fashion edge. The marque was hand crafted and is detailed in chocolate brown foil on pistachio green colour plan for the stationery.”


Tim Jones New Year Card

Designed by Tim Jones | Country: United States

“This year instead of Christmas cards I designed and screen printed New Year cards and envelopes on 140# French Muscletone paper with gold metallic ink. I had a blast with these.”


Montreux Cafe

Designed by BÜRO UHFO | Country: Singapore

“Full identity overhaul developed for Montreux Cafe. Types of work include creating the wordmark, corporate guidebook, namecards, letterheads, packaging, as well as all other communication devices. A similar typeface to their previous logo was used to help bridge the transition of the rebrand, as well as keeping elements like the wheat symbol (as requested by the client), that was used to subtly frame the wordmark. By varying the thickness of the condensed typeface the wordmark is being compacted as much as possible, yet maximising legibility. To improve the image of Montreux Cafe, a much heavier stock, coupled with the copper foil-blocking of the logo, were used.”


V Communications

Designed by V Communications | Country: Canada

“The inspiration comes from an old identification card we’ve seen on the web. Actually it is Lee Harvey Oswald’s Forged Selective Service Card. We don’t know how and when we bumped on it, but we all liked the old feeling it brought and how the information was displayed. We improvised a shooting session in which we had vintage clothes from different eras. We decided to do a two colors letterpress print on cardboard and we all loved the result. The final touch on the cards comes from an old die cast iron stamp we bought and personalized to our needs.

Its important to mention on which side of the chipboard you want your card printed or you might have have a big curve in them.”


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