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Designed by Forge | Country: United States

“We wanted a business card that imparted the hands-on nature of our design studio, and that would be impressive but affordable. We really lucked out with some discount clearance stock from a local stationery printer, getting 40 parent sheets of this gorgeous, thick paper for around $30. The letterpress cost us about $150 given that we were supplying stock. The most expensive part was running letter-size sheets of labels offset and having them trimmed to several options. This, of course, doesn’t count the time that we have to spend to customize each card with one of our name labels, but that aspect hopefully communicates some of the hands-on aspects to potential clients.

We have great looking cards that make a really good first impression, and we didn’t spend a fortune. I think the key to that was doing some legwork and looking for deals. Cheap paper here, a good printer contact there, a little handwork ourselves for each card.”


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  1. dylan
    March 15th, 2011 @ 6:36 am

    the colors, paper, graphics.. i love everything about these

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