Claire Inc

Designed by Mash | Country: Australia

“Fashion online retailer ‘Claire Incorruptible’ needed an overhaul of their branding. Mash was lucky enough to get the opportunity of working with the mucho creatives at Claire Inc. Claire Inc’s collections are designer vintage rarities; a tightly edited haven of clothes, shoes, accessories and hard to find gems from around the globe. They are not the typical vintage rag seller, so the obvious vintage feel was not appropriate. Instead Mash wanted to create a brand identity with more sophistication. A timeless feel was needed, less the boring. Mash created an illustrated pattern that was then applied to business cards, swing tags and postcards. Double hit black ink combined with areas of spot foiling did the trick. The Claire Inc logo-type was created from 2 different fonts with individual alterations to letter shapes. A new take on beautifully designed typefaces, just like the one-off fashion gems of Claire Inc.”



Designed by StruckAxiom | Country: United States

Great work from StruckAxiom for Lush. These packet business cards contain a small handful of grass seeds in each one.


Matter Strategic Design

Designed by Matter Strategic Design | Country: Canada

“For his own stationery, Mike Kasperski went with some very basic essentials: Helvetica, yellow and black. What could potentially look boring and default, here comes across as design-ey and sophisticated — two qualities that a designer should never shy away from. To make matters more design-ey and sophisticated, Mike created his business cards by sandwiching a heavy yellow cover paper between two text-weight sheets of Mohawk Navajo, which creates a lovely effect. And, interestingly, rather than specify a different weight for each piece, that same Navajo sheet was used to print the letterhead and custom envelope as well, so the whole project can be printed in one go.”


Frank’s Moments & Drinks

Designed by FBDI® | Country: Argentina

“Frank’s is the first speakeasy bar in Buenos Aires. The materials and textures refer to a certain rustic characteristic of the 20’s with aesthetic aspects of the prohibition era.”


Benton Brothers

Designed by Rethink | Country: Canada

“This business card for Benton Brothers Fine Cheese shop was die-cut from a paper stock with a smooth, almost waxy texture, so it looks and feels like a real piece of cheese.”


Designed by Arlo™ | Country: United States

“Logo and corporate identity for a maker of fine women’s handbags. A flashy combination of patterns based on fabric patterns is featured in this identity system. A simple logotype was created using the font Heroic



Designed by FBDI® | Country: Argentina

“Montserrat Apart Hotel is a resort located in the heart of Buenos Aires, in the Montserrat neighborhood. Appealing to local and international clientele, Montserrat Apart Hotelproject is positioned as sophisticated and accessible.”


Room 11

Designed by SouthSouthWest | Country: Australia

“Working closely with this highly creative architectural practice, we developed an identity that would set them apart from their competitors. Throughout our discussions with the client the most potent single idea that continually emerged, was this notion that we could playfully allude to Room 11 as some form of secret sect. Masters of the occult, working from the 11th room. The identity consciously sought to play on this sense of mystery and sophistication, bringing the story to life in way that applies seamlessly on everything from stationery, website, design documentation to office branding and even a painting for the foyer.

Whilst the end result was heavily paired back and restrained, extensive visual research was undertaken to uncover forms and patterns that could sit comfortably between the obscure brand story and the practical, considered nature of the built forms they create.

Awarded a distinction in the corporate identity category of the Australian Graphic Design Association Awards 2010.”



Designed by Thumbcrumble | Country: United Kingdom

“Thumbcrumbles very own stationery set. Biz cards, postcards and other promotional bits. All in 3 colour print, 2 pantone fluorescents and a nice touch of Black 7. Bespoke sizes with bespoke envelopes to boot. Job done!”


Ghetto Film School

Designed by Attack | Country: United States

“Ghetto Film School (GFS) is a non profit institution in the South Bronx that provides high school students with the unique resources and opportunities to create their own narrative films. Attack designed a new, comprehensive identity and fully integrated branding system for GFS.”


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